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Department of Computational Modeling & Simulation EngineeringAbout Modeling & Simulation

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What is Modeling & Simulation Engineering?

  • A Unique Program of Study
    • A discipline focused on advancing and using the theories and practices of selecting appropriate modeling techniques, creating associated models, executing models dynamically over time, utilizing visualizations for Verification & Validation, and evaluating a range of possible solutions through analytical techniques. Then, applying this knowledge in many domains.
  • Creating a Model of an Existing or Perceived System
    • A model is an abstract representation of a system.
  • Simulating the System Using the Developed Model
    • Computer simulation is an applied methodology in which the behavior of complex systems is described using a model (mathematical or symbolic and often stochastic) and executed on a digital computer.
    • Components of the model are updated in an appropriate manner (in serial, parallel or distributively) and with regards to time and causality.
  • Visualizing the Simulation/Model to Promote Understanding and Verification & Validation
    • Scientific visualization of data, model performance and results allows verification and face validation of the model.
  • Analyzing a Broadened Solution Space to Make the Best Decision
    • Since simulation allows easy changes to inputs and structural considerations, differing solutions are produced, one must know how to compare and select the best solution.

Modeling & Simulation Engineering Advantages

  • Broad Approach to Engineering
    • Applicable to all engineering and science disciplines
    • Engineering is about problem-solving and M&S engineering is about finding and understanding a range of solutions to provide the basis to choose.
  • High Demand for M&SE Professionals
    • M&S jobs are available in many U.S. and international locations
  • Starting Point for Other Professional Careers
    • Strong curriculum stressing development of problem solving skills
    • Excellent preparation for careers in medicine, law, business, and education
  • Excellent Preparation for Innovation
    • Engineering provides skills required to design new solutions to societal problems
    • M&SE instills the methods and tools supportive of innovation - rapid design and modeling, cost-saving simulation, effective visualization, robust analysis, and communication across technical boundaries

CMSE Advisory Board

The CMSE Department Advisory Board consists of recognized leaders in the M&S Community and plays an essential role in helping to shape the future of the Department.

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