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Alumni News: Kim Huynh

The maritime and supply chain industry has received increased attention after the global effects of covid began impacting the import and export of valuable goods and materials; here at Old Dominion University there is a special focus on the maritime industry because of the central location to the Port of Virginia. Kim Huynh took full advantage of the program. She is a 2022 Strome graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Maritime and Supply Chain Management. Kim started her career in supply chain management several years ago in Vietnam before moving to the United States to pursue her third degree.

Kim first began working for a Japanese company, assisting clients with receiving business licenses, and discovered her passion for the inner workings of economics and international business. After staying with the company for a few years, Kim returned to school and earned her second degree in international business, then moved to Japan as a liaison for a multinational cosmetic and spa company. In 2020, she moved to Virginia to attend Strome for her Bachelor's in Maritime and Supply Chain Management. As a part of the program, she completed her first internship with CMA CGM, a leading maritime container and shipping company.

One advantage of Kim attending a college that is so involved in the maritime and supply chain field is the networking opportunities available in many of the courses. She explained, "The best thing to learn in college is how to network effectively, we have to create a network with our classmates and try to be active." Because of her determination to develop connections, Kim attained her current internship with the power tool company, STIHL. In one of her courses, Supply Chain Management with Dr. Erika Marsillac, she developed the relationship with her professor, who would later go on to inform her of and recommend her for the current internship with STIHL.

On the other hand, as an international student, Kim also faced challenges. For instance, she recalls having to read chapters multiple times to comprehend the material because of the language difference, and often struggling to speak up in class fearing her accent. Being an international student, Kim has become accustomed to being the minority in her field; she faced similar issues being one of few women in her classes and in her department at work. In many industries, there is a large imbalance of men to women, the maritime industry is no exception with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) reporting only 1.2% of the industry as women. However, Kim found there to be many other women in other departments in her company and continues to inspire other women to join the maritime industry claiming, "This is a hard job, and we welcome everyone to join it because we really need diverse talent and different kinds of minds to problem solve."

Maritime is one of the most vital industries because each company is responsible for the exchange of many necessary goods and materials. Kim has been working in the industry for many years now and is just getting started with her career in America after graduating in 2022. She has a passion for the work that she does and encourages others, especially in the Hampton Roads area, to seek opportunities in the maritime business and do the work that so many rely on.