New Sections of DIGITAL EARTH: GEOG 102T

Curious about the world, rapidly changing technology, and your place in it? 

Announcing new online sections of GEOG 102T DIGITAL EARTH: Geospatial Technology, and Society

The Geography faculty at ODU invite students to take a virtual voyage with GEOG 102T Digital Earth, where we'll explore, inquire, and apply geospatial technology to assess its amazing virtues as well as challenges. 

Geospatial technology is a rapidly growing industry that has matured to become a pervasive infrastructure, empowering infiinite uses ranginfg from business, city planning, agriculture and environmental management, public safety, military and geospatial intelligence, and humanitarian applications.  Satellite imagery, Global Positioning Systems (GPS/GNSS) constellations, geotagged intelligent smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), and drones are revolutionalizing our world. Yet, the pace of technology and scientific advances poses challenges, such as equitable access, ethical uses, and even moral dillemmas. 

GEOG 102T is offered in multiple ONLINE sections this fall that provide hands-on skills, interactive analysis, discussions, and critical thinking that you can apply to real-world problems and diverse professions.  The T course designation of GEOG 102T fulfills the general education Ways of Knowing/Impact of Technology requirement as well as opening the door to further study in the fast-growing geospatial industry. Students will learn skills and critical thinking with GIS software, studying satellite imagery, solving spatial analytical problems, and critiquing maps for scientific communication.

For further information on the course, contact the semester instructors:

Dr. Georgeanne Hribar ( or Mr. Ryley Harris (

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Posted By: Thomas Allen
Date: Fri Aug 12 09:28:06 EDT 2022