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Graduate Admission:Defer Your Application

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Defer Your Graduate Application

You may request the deferral of your application for up to one academic year following the initial term of entry deadline. After this time, a new application is necessary.

*Students who have completed or plan to complete college level courses at another institution since their original application are not permitted to defer their acceptance. Students should instead submit a new application indicating their status as a transfer student.

Additionally, coursework completed since your application was submitted must be reported and will be reviewed in the deferral process.

Keep in mind that failure to notify Old Dominion University of enrollment at another institution is a violation of the University's honor code.


University Identification Number (UIN)

Date of Birth

Contact Information


Deferment Request

Additional Coursework

If you have completed any additional coursework since your initial application, report it here.


Please indicate your academic plans for the upcoming term(s).