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Old Dominion UniversityModeling & Simulation

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Modeling and Simulation Across the Breadth of the University

ODU facilitates a university-wide, interdisciplinary Modeling & Simulation (M&S) movement where faculty and students from every academic college use M&S approaches to address the challenges of their disciplines.

Modeling and Simulation is a way of representing and understanding the world around us. It is a unique and powerful way of looking at problems and finding solutions in almost every discipline. M&S provides a lens for better understanding problems and solutions. M&S helps us to:

  • Understand difficult problems and formulate appropriate solutions
  • Make intelligent decisions about complex issues
  • Train people to perform critical tasks
  • Enjoy entertainment

Old Dominion University is a world leader in M&S, creating the first M&S degree programs through the Department of Computational Modeling & Simulation Engineering (https://www.odu.edu/cmse) and establishing the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC). But M&S degrees and certificates are not only for engineers! There are interdisciplinary academic programs in many ODU Colleges which rely on M&S skills and tools.