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Best Practices: The Truth about Critical Race Theory

Mary-Frances Winters, founder and CEO of The Winters Group, Inc., expresses her disgust at the continued mischaracterization of Critical Race Theory (CRT) by politicians and shares ten truths about Critical Race Theory in her article The Buzz: The Truth About Critical Race Theory. (More)


Best Practices: A Lesson on Critical Race Theory

In the article, A Lesson on Critical Race Theory, the author Janel George, Associate Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, calls for civil rights lawyers to challenge and upend the status quo of racial inequality by using the principles of Critical Race Theory (CRT). (More)

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Best Practices: ACE Learning Shorts

The Women's Network Virginia of the American Council on Education created three learning shorts after the cancellation of the 2020 Leading with Passion and Perseverance Conference. (More)

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Best Practices: Inclusive Teaching & Mentoring Training

Developed by the College of Engineering at the University of Delaware these six modules consist of "evidence or a theoretical basis for the topic, including relevant literature, as well as practical teaching and mentoring tips that could be applied when interacting with undergraduate and graduate students" to provide the best practices to support teaching and mentoring. (More)

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Best Practices: Types of White Mentors Students of Color Come Across in Academia

The current literature on mentoring lacks the perspective of students of color relationship with their white mentors. As more students of color enter historically white institutions, they will find they have limited options for mentors of color, thus increasing the need of a focus on how the behaviors of white mentors impact their students of color. (More)

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Exploring Racism and Mental Health through "The Thoughtful Counselor" Podcast

The two podcasts from The Thoughtful Counselor offer commentary on how racism impacts African American communities. The first podcast discusses the unique mental health concerns of black communities, and how the senseless murders of black individuals and most recently the shootings, result in community stress, fear, and collective trauma in black families and communities while the second addresses the experience of racism on black men, how systemic racism shapes the way black children think about themselves, and how many white Americans manipulate history to avoid the reality of systemic racism in our past and present. (More)

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Best Practices: Diversity Statements

In this article we explore suggestions made by researchers on how to frame the request for diversity statements and what candidates should be expected to include in a diversity statement. (More)

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Best Practices: Writing a Diversity Statement

Writing a diversity statement is important because your prospective employer is then able to recruit a diverse faculty, now has an idea as you how you will contribute, how the institution will better serve its increasingly diverse student population, and how your presence, culturally unique perspectives and experiences will benefit students and the institution. (More)