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Conduct Advisors

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Conduct Advisors are Defined by the Code of Student Conduct

"The respondent may choose an advisor from the University community and have that advisor present during the hearing. An advisor may have no other role in the hearing (such as a witness), and may not be a lawyer unless related criminal charges are filed and pending. In cases where a lawyer serves as a respondent's advisor, the student is responsible for any lawyer's fees incurred. An advisor's role is limited to providing unobtrusive assistance and support to the respondent before, during, and/or after the hearing. In concert with this role, advisors will not be permitted to speak or otherwise participate directly in any hearing, or make requests on behalf of the student. Respondents are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor prior to participating in their hearing. Respondents must provide the Conduct Officer, or in the case of a panel hearing, the Director, with notice of their intent to be accompanied by an advisor no later than 2 business days prior to the respondent's scheduled hearing. The respondent will be expected to provide a signed consent designating that person as the advisor and permitting the University to communicate otherwise private information. A Conduct Officer or Chairperson may also be assisted by an advisor."

A Conduct Advisor May:

  • Give support and advice during the conduct process as requested
  • Provide connections and resources
  • Assist a student in preparing for his/her hearing
  • Speak with the student privately during the hearing
  • Assist the student in evaluating the appropriateness of submitting an appeal

Conduct conferences and hearings will not be rescheduled because a preferred advisor is unavailable.

Can parents serve as conduct advisors?

Parents can only serve as conduct advisors if they are current University employees or students.

Contacting a Conduct Advisor

Respondents are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor prior to participating in their hearing.

Individuals on the Conduct Advisor list are volunteers with different availabilities. It is recommended that you contact several people on the list to find an advisor who is available to meet with you.