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ODU Police Department Division:Powhatan Station

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Powhatan police station

The Old Dominion University Police Department's Powhatan Station is located in the center of the ODU Powhatan I Apartment Complex and serves as a secondary resource for quick access to the department's policing services, such as:

Reporting Criminal Activity
Filling Reports
Campus Maps
Registration/Engraving (property)
Crime Prevention Strategies (Safety Lectures and Seminars)
Campus Student Escorts Service (information/meeting location to be escorted)
Resource for Crime Prevention, Critical/Tornado Preparedness Training as it relates to Campus Safety
Campus Community Events Information
Referrals for Campus Services
Motorist Assistance Program
Campus Shuttle Bus Information
Code of Student Conduct
Lost and Found
Resource for Victims of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

The Powhatan Station is open Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, Friday 8:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m., and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The Powhatan Station may be closed periodically due to training, meetings or community policing assignments. In the event of closure contact the ODUPD Headquarters at the number listed above. The telephone number for the ODU Police Department Powhatan Station is (757) 683-6528