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Frequently Asked Questions

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Contacting ODU Police

What is the University's main telephone number?

The Campus Switchboard number is 757-683-3000. The switchboard operates from 8AM to 5PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday, and is closed on weekends and holidays.

What is the telephone number of the Old Dominion University Police Department?

The Police Department can be reached 24 hours a day, everyday, by calling 757-683-4000 (3-4000 from a campus phone)

What is the telephone number to the Police Department's Detective Division?

To reach the Detective Division, call 757-683-3492. The Detective Division offices are located at 4516 Monarch Way Norfolk, VA 23508.

What is the telephone number for the City of Norfolk Police, Fire and Paramedical Service?

In case of emergency, dial 911. For non-emergency assistance, call the Norfolk Police Department at 757-441-5610

What is the telephone number for the SAFE RIDE and Escort Service?

The SAFE RIDE and Escort Service can be reached by calling 683-3477 (3-3477 from a campus phone) between the hours of 5:30PM and 2:30AM daily. For more information, visit the Student Escort Service page on our web site.

How do I report a crime or suspicious activity on campus?

To report a crime, suspicious activity or an emergency, call 683-4000 (3-4000 from a campus phone) or pick up the receiver on one of the red emergency telephones located in the hallways of campus buildings. When you call, give the Dispatcher your name, your location, the nature of your call, where the incident occurred, and any descriptive information you observed about individuals or vehicles involved in the incident. You may also make an anonymous report by completing our Silent Witness Form.

What is the purpose and locations of the Campus Call Boxes?

The call boxes can be used to request assistance, report an emergency, or to report suspicious activity.

Parking and Traffic

I do not have a campus parking decal. Where can I get a temporary parking pass?

Parking passes may be obtained at the Parking Services Office in Garage A at the corner of 43rd Street and Elkhorn Avenue. Parking passes are not normally required after 9PM or on weekends or holidays. Visitors should not park in lots designated for Faculty and Staff or in spaces marked with a blue "RESERVED" sign at any time. Unauthorized parking in reserved spaces will result in the vehicle being towed.

I plan to attend a special event on campus. Where can I park?

Parking Services normally designates specific areas for Special Event parking (i.e. basketball games, concerts, lectures, etc.). Signs are generally posted directing visitors to these parking areas. For additional information about special event parking, call 757-683-4004.

I received a parking ticket while parked on campus. Where do I pay the fine or file an appeal?

Questions about parking tickets, fines and the appeal process should be directed to the Parking Services Office, which is located in the Parking Garage at 43rd Street and Elkhorn Avenue, or by calling 757-683-4004.

I received a traffic summons. What do I do?

Normally, the officer issuing the summons will advise you of the steps to take to pay the fine or when to appear in court. On each summons, you will find the telephone number and address of the court where you are to appear. University Police Officers diligently enforce Virginia Motor Vehicle Laws due to the quantity of pedestrian traffic on the campus. Please drive safely.

My car has been towed from a campus parking lot. Where can I get information about retrieving it?

Information about vehicles towed from campus lots can be obtained by contacting Parking Services, either in person in Garage A at 43rd Street and Elkhorn Avenue or by calling 757-683-4004. After business hours, you may contact the Police Department at 757-683-4000.

I believe my car has been towed from an off-campus location. Where can I get information about retrieving it?

For information about vehicles that have been towed from off-campus locations, contact Norfolk Police Department at 757-664-7038.

Police Services

I have locked myself out of my car. Can someone assist me?

Due to the increasing sophistication of vehicle locking mechanisms, and the increased possibility of damage to your vehicle, the Police Department is not able to assist with lockouts. We will be happy to call someone for you and suggest that if you have a motor club membership they be called to come assist you.

My car battery is dead. Can I get a jump start?

Departmental policy prohibits the use of University Police vehicles to jump start other vehicles; however, the department has available two sets of jumper cables which are loaned on a first come, first served basis. To borrow a set of jumper cables, come by the Police Department at 4516 Monarch Way Norfolk, VA 23508. You must present a VALID driver's license, which will be returned to you when the cables are brought back. (Note: A student ID is not acceptable for checking out jumper cables). For more information, call 683-4000.

How can I obtain information on campus crime statistics and crime prevention information?

The ODU Police Department publishes a compilation of campus crime statistics each year. This information is available in print at various locations around the campus or online by visiting our Crime Statistics page.

What should I do if my University ID Card is lost or stolen?

During business hours, report the loss immediately to the University Card Center located in Room 1110 of Webb Center, 683-3508. If your card is stolen, or the University Card Center is closed, notify the University Police Department at 683-4000. We will deactivate your ID Card to protect your account. If you find your card, you will have to contact the University Card Center to have your account reactivated.

What is the procedure for obtaining access to a building after hours or on weekends or holidays?

Persons requiring access to campus buildings after hours are required to be on an access list issued by a Department Head, Instructor, or their designee. These lists are kept on file at the Police Department.

To gain access to a building after hours, come to the Police Department at 4516 Monarch Way and present a valid University ID Card to the dispatcher on duty. Once verification of access has been determined, an officer will be dispatched to assist you. Have your ID ready to show to the officer when you arrive at the building. Please note: If officers are involved with high priority calls, there may be a delay in responding to a request for opening, but someone will be dispatched as soon as possible. Telephoned requests to gain access to a building are NOT accommodated.

I locked myself out of my residence hall room. Can someone assist me?

University police officers do not carry keys which will open residence hall or apartment complex rooms. If you have locked yourself out or lost your key, please contact your front desk. The phone numbers and hours of operation are as follows:

The following desks are open from 8:00 AM. through 12:00 AM (midnight) 7 days a week:

  • Whitehurst Hall: 683-4403
  • Gresham Complex: 683-4289
  • Rogers Complex: 683-4283
  • Scotland House: 683-0252
  • Virginia House: 683-1810
  • Ireland House: 683-1750
  • Monarch Inn: 451-3051
  • Powhatan Village: 683-4748

The following desk is open from 9:00 AM. through 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday:

  • University Village: 889-1845

When the desk is closed, please contact the staff member on duty for assistance. During semester break periods, residence halls are closed (with the exception of Whitehurst, Powhatan, the University Village, and Nusbaum Apartments) and access is granted only in emergency situations. For the halls that remain open during breaks, the desks are open for limited hours each day. Please visit your front desk to find out the limited hours during those times and to get the contact information for the staff member on duty. As always, you can contact the Police Department at 683-4000 and the dispatcher on duty can contact the Residence Hall Director or Graduate Assistant on duty for you. When you call, be sure to advise the dispatcher of the number where you can be reached.

Does the Old Dominion University Police Department offer fingerprinting services?

Yes. The Detective Division offers fingerprinting services by appointment only. There is no charge for this service to students, faculty or staff members. For more details, call the Detective Division at 683-3492.


In the event of inclement weather (hurricane, snow, ice, etc.) how do I find out if the University will be open or closed?

First, please do not call the ODU Police Department for this information. The Department does not make decisions as to whether the University will be closed or not due to inclement weather. Excessive calls for this information tie up emergency phone lines that may be needed during the weather event. The following local media outlets will carry information about delays or closings: television stations WTKR-TV 3, WAVY-TV 10, WVEC-TV 13, and radio stations WHRV-FM 89.5 and WHRO-FM 90.3. If you live in one of the residence halls on campus, you may call the front desk for information on closings.

Can I make a call to an outside number from one of the campus (red) emergency phones?

No. These telephones are for emergency use only. You cannot access an outside line or call off-campus from one. There are pay phones located in buildings throughout the campus which can be used to make telephone calls.

My ATM Card was not returned by one of the ATMs on campus. How can I get it back?

The Department has no way to access the ATMs on campus. You may contact the ATM owner using the information on the ATM itself to report problems with campus ATMs.