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Regulations, Violations & Fees


Violation Fine
Parking without a valid decal $75
Outside of parking stall $15
In a reserved space $77
In an unauthorized zone $35
In prohibited zone $30
On the grass $35
Blocking another vehicle $73
In a loading zone $30
On a sidewalk or in a crosswalk $35
Obstructing traffic $30
In a space for the disabled $250
Illegal disposal, acceptance or use of decal or pass $73
Improper or failure to display authorized pass or decal $15
Overtime in loading zone, meter or 15-minute space $15
Using in loading zone, meter or 15-minute space $19
Improper validation of use of daily rate pass $15
Parking in a fire lane $100
Motorcycle parked in car space/car in motorcycle space $15
Boot removal fee $30

A penalty surcharge of $10 will be added to all citations not paid within 60 calendar days from date of issue.

All parking on campus is decal controlled; every vehicle must have a valid pass or decal displayed. Parking spaces are defined by three lines and/or curb stops; vehicles not parked in a defined space will be issued a parking citation. Parking regulations are enforced every day and night excluding the hours of 4p.m. on Friday through midnight Sunday and on University holidays. There are four types of paid decals: Faculty/Staff, Commuter (student), daily rate and motorcycle.



Available only to employees and valid in any legal parking area; special events excluded. Faculty and staff members who teach or work at the Old Dominion University or Norfolk State main campuses must purchase a parking decal from their main campus.

A temporary Faculty/Staff pass is available to faculty staff members who own a valid pass.

Loading Zones Pass

Issued to deans or department heads only in limited numbers.

Extended Pass

Issued to non-employees of the University. Pass may be issued up to six months and renewed thereafter.


Available to all students taking classes only at the VBHEC. Students taking classes at Old Dominion University or Norfolk State main campus must purchase a parking decal from their main campus.

Daily Rate Pass

This pass is equivalent to a commuter (student) decal. The fee for the daily rate is $7.00 (no refund or exchanges). Daily rate decals are displayed hanging from the rear view mirror, and the entire face of the decal must be visable. The user is ultimately responsible for proper display of the decal. The decal is not activated until the day, month and year are scratched off and visible. The daily rate decals may be purchased in bulk.

Continued Education Pass

Issued by Continuing Education Department and valid at the VHBEC.