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Pay for Print

Key Features

Quota for printing in ITS student computer labs.


Laser printing is available in all labs as well as remote printing in academic buildings and residence halls. Printing on campus is fee-based; black and white is $0.05 a sheet and color costs $0.50 a sheet. Any print balance that is left upon departure from ODU is non-refundable, therefore plan accordingly.

Students receive a quota of $1.25 at the beginning of each semester. Additional pages can be purchased:

  • Online
  • With cash or Monarch Plus from the Monarch Techstore in Webb Center (next to Starbucks)
  • With Monarch Plus in the Learning Commons @ Perry Library Circulation Desk

Available To:


Usage Requirements

  • Active Directory Service
  • MIDAS Account

Getting Started

Log into a computer in the ITS Student Computer Lab or using the Pharos Software on your computer using your MIDAS ID and password to view your balance or print.