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ODU has an ArcGIS site license from ESRI. This site license provides for use of a long list of ESRI software, data, and free online training courses. See the following for more information about ArcGIS on campus.

The ArcGIS family of products is an integrated platform for designing and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge. The most commonly used products are:

  • ArcGIS for Desktop: Includes hundreds of tools for performing spatial analysis, managing data, and producing high-quality maps.
  • ArcGIS for Server: Platform for the delivery of map data, layers, and applications to web clients.
  • A complete list of ESRI software available through our site license is found HERE.

In addition, our ESRI software license provides a long list of complimentary software tutorials. See Complete list of ESRI Virtual Campus Courses.

Available To:

  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Staff

Where To Get It:

Available for installation on any machine owned by ODU upon request. The most current stable version of ArcGIS Desktop may be found in any of our GIS computing environments or on the MOVE.

Instructional faculty may order, free of charge, 1-year copies of ArcGIS for home use by their students. All software requests must be made by and shipped directly to a verified faculty or full-time staff member at ODU using this form: ESRI Educational Software Program Request.

Platform Requirements

ArcGIS for Desktop runs exclusively in the Windows Operating environment, however Mac and other OS users may access the software through the MOVE.

Detailed systems requirements are found here: http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/system-requirements/10.2/index.html#