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Current Software

The virtual computer lab hosts a variety and growing list of applications provided for student course work.
These applications consist of the following titles plus many others:

  • ARC GIS v9.3.1
  • Arena v12
  • eViews v5
  • MathCAD v13
  • MatLab 2010A
  • Geometers Sketchpad
  • Minitab 15
  • SAS v9.2
  • SPSS v17 and many more...

Faculty, staff and students can view the full list by logging into the VCL and making a new reservation.

Requests for New Software Titles

Faculty members that have software titles they would like to add to the VCL for student access should contact the ITS Help Desk at X3192 or send an email to itshelp@odu.edu. The request should include the software title, licensing information and a point of contact. OCCS staff will contact the faculty member for additional information and a discussion on getting the application provisioned. Faculty members should expect a 2 - 3 weeks time frame to get the application loaded in a test format to insure it will run adequately in the VCL, quality checked to insure all student needs are addressed and prepared/published for student use.

Faculty members should understand that some applications may not work well through the VCL. Applications that are very graphic intensive or require the student to provide a CD/DVD to use may create issues that we cannot technically overcome to provide a good online academic experience for the students. Testing the applications out through the VCL is the best option to determine what the outcome will be. After that point the faculty member can decide if the performance is adequate for their teaching needs.