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Lab & Software Usage Polices

On-campus computer labs are for use by current ODU students, faculty/staff and participants in university-approved activities. Please have your ODU ID card with you when utilizing these resources. Respect other users by being quiet, showing courtesy when sharing resources, and keeping the lab clean by disposing of your trash appropriately.

Lab Guidelines:

  • Workstations left unattended for 15 minutes will automatically log off and become available to other students.
  • Only specified labs should be used for group projects and/or instruction.
  • Consultants will assist with software/hardware issues per the ODU HONOR CODE.
  • Consultants may ask you to move to another station to accommodate those with special needs or software/hardware requirements.
  • The VBHEC lab is open to ODU and Norfolk State University students (under established guidelines).
  • PHEC lab is open to ODU, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech students (under established guidelines).

To preserve a pleasant lab environment, the following are not permitted:

  • Food or drink. Please keep them in your bag while in the lab.
  • Alteration of lab hardware and/or duplication of lab software (alteration includes downloading software onto the hard drive).
  • Attaching of hardware (laptops, scanners, Pads, etc.) to the university network.
  • Viewing or printing of pornographic materials.
  • Playing games in the labs during peak time. Priority will be given to course related work.
  • Cell phone conversations inside the lab. Please put all devices with ringers on silent, vibrate mode or turn them off.
  • The usage of any printer paper not supplied by ITS.
  • Children in the lab area due to safety concerns.


  • Severe weather: It may be necessary to close the lab(s) with short notice due to severe weather conditions.
  • Computer Virus: If you encounter any virus problems or technical issues, seek immediate assistance from the consultant(s) on duty.