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Academic Job Resources

One of the most popular PFF events has been our "Academic Job Search Workshop". With funding from the ODU Center for Learning and Teaching, we have sought to provide these materials so that they are available whenever you need them. Resources on this site include videos on five important topics related to the job search, FAQs related to each of the videos, and online resources in a variety of disciplines.

Getting your Academic Job

Dr. Nina Brown, Professor and Eminent Scholar in the Department of Counseling and Human Services, provides a description of the steps in the process of obtaining your first academic position.

Identifying Positions That Fit

Dr. Robert Wojtowicz, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, provides a guide for reading and interpreting job ads. Using his advice will help you zero in on positions that fit your academic career goals.

Selling Yourself on the Job Market

Dr. John B. Ford, Eminent Scholar and Professor of Marketing and International Business, describes seven critical steps in the process of selling yourself to obtain your first academic position.

Preparing Your Job Application

Dr. Sheri Reynolds, Professor of English, has important advice on preparing your application packet. Her strategies and tips will help you make the best written impression and increase your chances of being selected for a telephone or campus interview.

The Job Talk

Dr. Bryan E. Porter, Associate Professor of Psychology, discusses the critical importance of the job talk in interviewing for academic positions. He provides strategies for making sure that your job talk is memorable and strengthens your chance of being offered the job.

Job Search Web Resources

The following websites and print materials may be helpful in identifying academic positions and in preparing for your academic job search.


Do you have questions about preparing for a faculty position or the process? We asked 5 members of Old Dominion University's respected faculty some of the most frequently asked questions and compiled their answers here.