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Videos from Previous Events

Collaborations: Working with Others to Increase Your Research Productivity -- September 28, 2012

This video features presentations by three faculty members involved in collaborative research programs. They discuss the strengths and the challenges of multidisciplinary research. The presentations include: Jenifer Alonzo, Assistant Professor, Communication and Theatre Arts, "Building Communication in Research Collaborations". Stacie Ringleb, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering "Finding Collaborators and How to Work with Them Efficiently". Rodger Harvey, Professor and Chair, Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences. "The Role of Trust in Interdisciplinary Research Projects".

Balancing Work/Family Responsibilities in Academia -- November 2, 2012

In this video Dr. Debra Major. Professor of Psychology, provides an overview of research findings supporting the value of collaboration in building a research program. This is followed by a panel discussion of the issues surrounding collaboration. Panelists include Dr. Major as well as Wie Yusuf, Assistant Professor, Urban Studies and Public Administration, Andrew Gordus, Associate Professor of Spanish, and Shana Pribesh, Associate Professor, Educational Foundations and Leadership.

Working with Students with Disabilities: What Can and Should You Do? -- February 10, 2012

On this DVD Dr. Beth Ann Dickie, Acting Director, ODU Office of Academic Accessibility, provides an overview of the resources available at ODU to support faculty working with students with disabilities. This is followed by a panel discussion in which faculty discuss challenges they have encountered in the classroom. Faculty panelists are: Jill C. Dustin, Associate Professor, Department of Counseling and Human Services; Ann Maydosz, Associate Director, The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs, The Virginia Consortium for Teacher Preparation in Vision Impairment; Jennifer Younkin, Chief Departmental Advisor, Department of Psychology; Francis Adams, Chair and Professor, Department of Political Science and Geography.

Enhancing Learning Through Technology: If You Can’t Beat Them . . . -- November 4, 2011

On this DVD Ms. Alice Jones of the Career Management Center, provides an overview of "What Do We Mean by Learning and How Can Technologies Help?" Dr. Yuping Liu-Thompkins, Marketing, then discusses and demonstrates the use of "Social Media in Teaching". Finally, Dr. Jennifer Kidd, Department of Teaching & Learning, demonstrates the use of technology in the classroom in "Voice Thread and Videos in Engaging Students with Digital Media".

Testing and Evaluation: Preparing Assessments & Evaluating Learning -- September 30, 2011

This DVD features three faculty members discussing different aspects of assessment. Dr. Jack Robinson, Associate Professor, Educational Foundations and Leadership, talks about "What Should I Use?: Choosing Different Means of Assessment". Dr. Tim Bostic, Visiting Assistant Professor in Professional Writing and Mr. Matt Oliver, Lecturer & Director of IDS Professional Writing Programs, discuss "Assessing Learning through Writing". Mr. Charlie Daniels, Lecturer, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, reviews "The Pros & Cons of On-Line Testing and Assessment".

Grant Writing: Pathway to Success, February 4, 2011

This DVD features Dr. Karen Eck, Director of the ODU Office of Research Development, talking about how to successfully travel the "Yellow Brick Road" to grant funding. She provides suggestions for finding funding, describes that anatomy of a grant proposal, and lists critical things to remember in preparing your grant application.

Grant Writing: Being Well Positioned, February 4, 2011

This DVD features Helen Fillmore, Grant Writer for the College of Sciences at Old Dominion University, discussing "Things I Wish I would have paid Attention to as a Graduate Student and Post Doc". She provides important tips on how to turn good ideas into funded research.

Ethical Dilemmas in Teaching: Making the Close Calls in the Classroom, November 12, 2010

This DVD presents faculty panelists and attendees discussing eight classroom dilemmas. These include issues of Confidentiality, Interpersonal Relations with Students, Making Exceptions for Students on Religious Grounds, Self-Disclosure in the Classroom, Providing Counseling to Students, Writing Letters of Recommendations, Give Extra Credit, and Teching Evaluations.