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LiveText:Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access LiveText for my use?

You will need Internet access and a LiveText Standard Student Membership. The menu on the left provides links to information on how to purchase a Membership and to the LiveText Website.

NOTE: FireFox is the recommended FREE Internet browser for use with LiveText.

How much does it cost and what do I get for it?

The Standard Student version of LiveText required by the College is $98.

The LiveText Student Membership - Standard Edition - offers you full access to LiveText Solutions for the entire time you are enrolled in a program plus an additional year beyond graduation (a maximum of 5 years). Renewal rates to extend services after LiveText membership expiration are available for one, two, and three-year periods.

Why do I have to purchase LiveText?

LiveText is, at its root, an accountability management system. The Darden College of Education is requiring the use of LiveText for coursework that provides evidence of meeting standards for accreditation purposes. Accreditation of the University, the College, and specific programs is important as academic communities, employers and other constituents recognize it as evidence of quality. LiveText is purchased once while you are enrolled in your program and is available for your use while you are registered and enrolled at Old Dominion University and one year following graduation. It will be used in several of your courses, for student teaching or internships, and for portfolio development throughout the program. At the end of your program, you will be glad to have your past assessments in LiveText. It will make building and sharing your professional portfolio a snap!

How many times will I use LiveText?

If you are required to purchase LiveText, then your program is using it to manage the accreditation process. This process has at least 6-8 key assessments spread over different courses, so you will use LiveText at least 6-8 times or more. In addition, you will use LiveText for your portfolio and for your student teaching or interships. In other words, you will probably use LiveText in nearly every course from now until you graduate.

Where can I get help learning how to use LiveText?

This site has a number of training resources for your use. In addition, the LiveText Help Center provides additional training and information.

Does it matter which browser I use to access my LiveText account?

Yes, FireFox is the recommended FREE Internet browser for use with LiveText.

Why use LiveText when students already use BlackBoard?

Students can create and store documents in LiveText for long-term access even after graduation.

LiveText allows the college to align student work with professional standards for program accreditation purposes.

LiveText also allows the College to aggregate student assignment data for reporting purposes.

A complete comparison of BlackBoard to LiveText has been developed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I used the old verions of LiveText and now the College is using C1. What is the difference?

C1 has the exact same functionality, just an updated look and a few new features.

The Legacy version had left-hand menu navigation and "MyDesk" tab. C1 has tab navigation across the top and the new "Documents" tab is equivalent to Legacy's "MyDesk" tab.

LiveText has created a "Help Center" in its C1 version that both students and faculty should find very useful.

I forgot my username and/or password. What should I do?

Contact LiveText and they will email you your information.

I recently got married and changed my name. Should I update it with LiveText?

Yes! keeping your contact information up to date with LiveText will prevent unnecessary delays and confusion. To change your name in LiveText, log into your current account and submit your request to support@livetext.com. Please be sure to update your information with the University as well.