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New Faculty & Faculty Administrators 2013:Office of the President

Admiral David Architzel

Director of Military Affairs, received an M.S. in Aeronautical Systems from the University of West Florida and a B.S. in Mathematics from the U.S. Naval Academy. He served most recently as Commander of Naval Air Systems Command and as the principal military deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition).

Dr. Craig W. Bowen

Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer for Special Projects, received a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Science Education from Florida State University in 1993, an M.B.A. in Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University in 2005, an M.S. in both Educational Studies and Chemistry from Purdue University, in 1989 and 1988 respectively, and a B.S. in Chemistry from Emory University in 1985. Previously he was the Associate Director of Institutional Planning and Research at the University of Florida.

Ms. Jeanette G. Dias

Research Associate for Institutional Research, received an M.B.A. in 2007 from Old Dominion University and a B.S. in Physics in 2003 from the University of Minnesota. Previously she was Assistant Director of Information Technology and Assessment for Student Engagement and Enrollment Services at Old Dominion University.

Ms. Lynn C. Smith

Senior EO Officer, received a B.S. in Communication Disorders from Hampton University. Previously she was an EO Analyst and Assistant to the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity.

Ms. September Sanderlin

Vice President for Human Resources, received an M.S. in Occupational and Technical Studies from Old Dominion University and a B.A. in Sociology from Mary Baldwin College. Previously she was Acting Vice President for Human Resources at Old Dominion University.