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Faculty Mentors

Faculty members who provide students with hand-on experience in their ongoing research and academic pursuits provide one of the most important contributions to our University's educational mission and our students' future success. These mentored research experiences put our top students in the best position to succeed in a competitive job market and give them the experience necessary to be competitive for admission to top graduate programs. The Undergraduate Research Program has been established by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Honors College to:

  • promote the outstanding achievements of ODU faculty research mentors,
  • provide assistance in linking our top students to interested faculty members,
  • to initiate funding and support mechanisms for faculty and students involved in undergraduate research,
  • and document our faculty mentors' outstanding accomplishments.

Our goal is to work to help promote a research community at ODU where our most promising undergraduate students can get involved in research at the earliest possible stage in their education and can become deeply involved in ODU's active research environment. Register as a Faculty Mentor

One of the Undergraduate Research Program's goals is to provide students with a online resource where they can connect to possible faculty mentors in their area of interest. If you are involved in undergraduate research mentoring, or would like to become involved, please take a moment to register as a potential research mentor.

Funding & Awards

The Office of Academic Affairs and Honors College have several funding programs designed to help support and promote undergraduate research at ODU. Please see the Funding and Awards link for the latest information on these programs, application materials, and deadlines.

Help Make the Undergraduate Research Program a Success!

The undergraduate research program cannot succeed without the active support of our faculty. Please help us by encouraging the undergraduate researchers you work with to participate in our programs.

  • Direct the students you are mentoring to the Undergraduate Research Program website to register their project at the beginning of each semester for our Annual Undergraduate Research Report. (link to Register Project)
  • Encourage them to apply for the Undergraduate Research Program's research grant, travel funds, and research awards. (link to Student Funding and Awards)
  • Encourage your students to submit their work to regional and national undergraduate research conferences (link to Conferences)
  • Contact us with your ideas on how to promote undergraduate research here at ODU.