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Preparing for Registration

Working on the computer

Before Preview, complete the Preparing for Registration modules. These narrated, online tutorials introduce topics like the University catalog, general and departmental education requirements, how to prepare a course schedule, and what to expect during registration at Preview.

The modules are hosted online in Blackboard, which is a web-based course management system.

Portal Logo

Log into my.odu.edu or click the myODU Login from the University's home page.


Enter your MIDAS ID and password and click 'login'.


Choose the 'Blackboard' link.


Under 'My ODU Courses', select the course associated with Preview.


Click the link for 'Preparing for Registration' modules.

Note: Students will meet with academic advisors at Preview for registration assistance. It is not necessary to make an individual appointment unless you're a Transfer student eligible to opt out of Preview.