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Physics Undergraduate Seniors' Day on April 29, 2014

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Senior Thesis Presenters

Brett Hagood Observing Anderson Localization
Colton Katsarelis Pitting Corrosion of Aluminum Alloy 5086 on Navy Patrol Boats
Timothy Naginey Estimating Positronium Formation for Plasma Applications
Brandon DeMello PythonPWA Toolkit and Data Simulation for Partial-Wave Analysis Projects at
The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Eric Stacey Classical Trajectory Monte Carlo Calculations of Positronium Formation
in Positron Neutral Atom Collisions
James Porter Scintillation Detector Testing and Repair
Canniggia Deslandes Polarization Spectroscopy in a Neon Discharge
Connor Schwalm Understanding the Light Curve of AX Persei