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Veterans Business Outreach Center Services

VBOC Services

New Employee

Services are available for veterans, service disabled veterans or US Military Reservists, including discharging service members eligible for participation in the DOD/DOL Transition Assistance Program.

Pre-Business Plan Workshops

VBOC counselors conduct entrepreneurial development workshops dealing specifically with the major issues of self-employment. An important segment of these workshops entails in-depth assistance with building a business plan, to include financials and marketing information for developing and launching a business.

Concept Assessments

VBOC counselors assist clients in the discovery and development stage of their entrepreneurial idea and or business concept; while using the Feasibility Analysis to test for marketability and probability for success.

Business Plan Preparation

VBOC counselors assist clients in developing and maintaining a business plan. The business plan includes such elements as the legal form of the business, equipment requirements and cost, organizational structure, a strategic plan, market analysis, and a financial plan. Financial plans include financial projections, budget projections, and funding requirements.

Comprehensive Feasibility Analysis

The New Venture Feasibility Analysis Tool is designed to help ask the 'right' questions in an effort to assist the entrepreneur in discovering whether his/her idea or business concept is realistic, achievable and marketable; and hopefully formulate an approach to answering those questions BEFORE launching the business.

Entrepreneurial Training & Development

VBOC counselors, working with other SBA resource partners, target entrepreneurial training projects and counseling sessions tailored specifically to address the needs and concerns of the veteran entrepreneur.


VBOC counselors conduct, as appropriate, on-site visits with clients to ensure adherence to their business plans. Additionally, VBOC counselors review monthly financial statements to determine whether a revision of the business plan is warranted or that desired results are being attained.

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