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Quality Solutions

Today's market demands higher quality products, at lower prices, in record time. TAC specialists have the experience to guide you through the quality improvement process, from team development to statistical process to control compliance certification standards. Best of all, the process is managed from start to finish by our experts working with your team.

Historically, manufacturers have focused on "process throughput" and quality as separate functions. Quality managers traditionally held organizational responsibility for the performance of products and, more recently, processes; while operations managers focused on production costs, output and delivery to the customer.

Today, customers are demanding that more of their suppliers maintain an integrated focus on quality, delivery and cost. Since "producing a product right the first time" directly impacts cost and delivery, many companies are now integrating quality improvement efforts into their strategic productivity enhancement programs.

ISO Certification serves as the international standard for consistency in practices and procedures. Is one (or more) of your customers requiring ISO certification in order for your company to stay on its supplier list? If so, your customer is asking for your commitment to document and follow certain core practices when accepting and filling their orders, thus providing them with greater assurance that quality is your primary focus.

TAC has helped companies throughout Hampton Roads set up a strategic approach to ISO certification, establish a realistic implementation project schedule, benchmark current states, train employees, and prepare for a registration audit.

The primary cost associated with becoming ISO certified is the time your employees will spend on the project. We help ensure that their time spent is minimal by providing assistance in project planning, training and implementation.

We work with your company to do this extremely critical and valuable work up front, in order to lay the foundation for a smooth ISO execution.

To successfully obtain and sustain certification, your company must provide training for employees. TAC provides standard or customized training in the following areas:

  • GAP Assessment
  • Executive Overview
  • Understanding ISO Requirements
  • Flow Charting and Document Development
  • Internal Auditor

Training can be done at your site for the number of employees you'll need to successfully execute your ISO plan.


American Society for Quality

Capability Maturity Model Integriation (CMMI)


Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA)

ASQ Tidewater Chapter

ASQ Hampton Roads Chapter

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