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Lean Enterprise Solutions

LEAN Enterprise Solutions
Becoming a Lean Enterprise is all about eliminating waste across your entire company - from the shop floor to the front office. It's about producing what your customers want, when they want it. And it's about improving your throughput, cost and ROI.
Most companies have taken some steps in applying Lean principles. Yet, most of these have not made significant, across-the-board progress in their implementation plan. As a result, most management teams have not achieved the performance improvements they could and should.

Implementation of Lean Enterprise concepts can enable significant improvements within all areas of your company, including reduction in lead times and costs plus improvement in quality and productivity. Typical improvements from a successful Lean implementation include:

  • 90% reduction in lead times
  • 90% reduction in work-in-process
  • 40% increase in productivity
  • 70% improvement in space utilization
  • 95% increase in on-time deliveries
  • 90% improvement in quality
  • 60% reduction in unplanned downtime

ODU Business Gateway has developed significant capabilities to assist companies in applying a Lean Continuous Improvement philosophy that has generated, for local clients, phenomenal improvements in throughput, quality, costs, and ROI. Through a combination of workshops, and "train & do" implementation projects, our project managers will convey required knowledge and skills throughout your organization necessary to develop a culture of continuous improvement. The implementation initiatives when applied to all aspects of the business, can ultimately lead to the achievement of becoming a Lean Enterprise. Combined with specific continuous improvement methodology, our Lean Enterprise philosophy also addresses the workforce and team building issues present in developing a sustainable continuous improvement culture. Drawing on organizational effectiveness and high performance workforce principles, our project managers will assist your organization on the journey to become a "Lean Enterprise". To become a Lean Enterprise, a company must apply these continuous improvement techniques in all functional areas of the business and demonstrate significant improvement in on time delivery, quality, work place organization, space utilization, productivity, lead times, material flow and process simplification. The organization and culture must be established to sustain the continuous improvement initiative over time. We offer a free, on-site Lean Enterprise Assessment Audit to determine your company's current positioning relative to the recognized best practices of a certified "Lean Enterprise". Resources:

American Society for Quality

Capability Maturity Model Integriation (CMMI)


Association for Manufacturing Excellence


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