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Contract Training

All the courses on this section can be adapted and brought on-site to your company. Call or email us to setup a meeting and evalutate your needs and determine if training can solve your problems. We'll introduce you to the instructor and generate a proposal.

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Certificate of Lean Practice

World-Class Leadership

Frontline leadership is one of the most important keys to organizational excellence. Leaders influence others through example, conversation, and direct intervention. They set expectations and for everything from task performance to interpersonal behaviors. When improvements are needed, we count on our leaders to help identify the needs, design the solutions, implement the changes, stay positive and enthusiastic, and help others manage their own physical and psychological challenges throughout the change process.

Through 24 hours of group discussion, frontline leadership and change agents are provided with the skills and abilities necessary to supervise, coach, coordinate, and lead the activities of their subordinates and peers in a changing culture. Group discussion of common issues is facilitated to instill a culture of continuous improvement, teamwork, and employee involvement. Following each session, participants develop Personal Action Plans to assist them in applying the material learned in the sessions to their specific job and environment. A variety of self-assessments and 360-degree assessments are also completed to gain insight into one's leadership style and personal readiness for change. The program is divided into eight meetings or modules, each consisting of two, 1½-hour sessions.

The Leadership Challenge: The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Golbalization, demographic changes and heightened competition are all facts of life in many organizations in our society. Enterprises need both exceptional technical talent and strong, effective leadership to meet these challenges. Leadership development is a significant current concern of many enterprises and Old Dominion University is pleased to be able to offer solutions to meet this critical need. Our approach will provide current and emerging managers with the skills, knowledge and experiences to significantly improve their leadership skills.