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STEM Summer Camps


Engineering Camp Options

2014 is the sixth year that Old Dominion University (ODU) has offered Engineering summer camps to elementary school and middle school students in the Hampton Roads area. These camps consist of hands on engineering activities designed for their enjoynment and fun ! The camps are facilitated by experienced K-12 educators who understand grade level comprehension and how to keep students motivated and on task. Some activities are conducted by ODU engineering faculty and others by "real" working engineers who demonstrate what they do in their engineering careers, for our campers.

Did you know that psychologists have found that there are strong, predictive relationships between enjoyment of science and interest in learning science. It has been found that 11- 13 year olds with low ability on achievement tests, but with a well-developed interest for reading or math, were more likely to gain an understanding of the subject than students with high ability and a less developed interest. These camps are designed for a fun learning experience which, in some students, will generate an interest and motivation to improve performance in math and science because they now understand the application of these subjects.

Depending on your child's age, you may choose one programs, each hosted on the Old Dominion University campus. Each camp will be repeated in July and August. Simply choose the date which works best for your camper.

Engineering Summer camp bridge building

Engineers Rule! (11-13 years old)


July 14-18 (M-F)

August 4-8 (M-F)


9 a.m.-4 p.m.*

*(Please note that there is no before or after camp care available.)

LOCATION-Engineering and Computational Sciences Building

COST- $350 per child

Activities Include:

Civil Engineering Explorations

Student teams will build bridges and towers and then explore the functions and structures of these items, build computer generated cities and design million dollar bridges.Compete for the designer and builder of the strongest bridge. Guest speakers will share their knowledge of the career of civil engineers as well as share the tools of the trade.

Electrical Engineering Explorations

Students explore the electrical world of current, operate circuit boards, build motors from copper and batteries. The day will include a visit to ODU's distance learning center. Guest speakers will share and instruct students in the field of electrical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Explorations

Visit a ram jet, build a prototype and see whose can throw the longest distance, learn about air pressure, apply these dynamics for flight and compete with students in piloting skills, and explore space at the planetarium.

College Day

Learn what it is like to be a student living on the university campus. Visit student facilities such as the dorms and the recreational and athletic complexes. Attend an informational lecture given by ODU Admissions. Camp is on the ODU campus and students will lunch daily at the student center.

Nano-Engineers (7-10 years old)


July 11-(F)

August 1-(F)


9 a.m.-4 p.m.*

*(Please note that there is no before or after camp care available.)

LOCATION-Kaufman Hall

COST: $99 per child

One action packed day of exploring civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. Students learn about potential and kinetic energy, understand what makes planes fly, and build bridges.

Engineering Summer camp girls with cranes