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Profacts Received Through December 2012

ProFacts welcomes post-announcements from faculty and staff regarding professional achievements. Items may be submitted for: Appointments/Elections, Awards, Books, Certifications, Commissions, Compositions/Arrangements, Degrees, Exhibitions, Papers/Presentations, Patents, Performances and Publications. Send your submissions to: sdaniel@odu.edu.

The following announcements were received through December 2012.


JULIE ZHILI HAO, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and ALI BESKOK, Batten endowed chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering, an award for the best paper in the MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE 2012). The paper, "A Polymer-Based Microfluidic Resistive Sensor for Detecting Distributed Loads," was selected from among a distinguished pool of submissions from around the world. MEMS is the technology of very small devices doing electrical or mechanical tasks, such as the control mechanism inside an inkjet printer. Hao and Beskok's paper discusses a tiny, polymer-based sensor for distributed loads, which can detect the resistance change in electrolyte solution by monitoring the resistance change at each pair of electrodes. Using a custom built electronic circuit, Hao and Beskok demonstrate the feasibility of using the type of sensor to detect distributed loads.


ADRIAN GHEORGHE, Batten Endowed Chair of System of Systems Engineering, one of six co-authors of "Resilient Energy Systems: Renewables: Wind, Solar, Hydro (Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality)" (Springer).

DAN HENNELLY, academic services analyst, Office of Academic Affairs, "Fatal Knowledge" (iUniverse).

KAREN SANZO, associate professor, and STEVE MYRAN, assistant professor, educational foundations and leadership, editors of ""Successful School Leadership Preparation and Development," vol. 17 in Emerald Books' Advances in Educational Administration Series. Co-editor is Anthony Normore of California Lutheran University.


D.E. WITTKOWER, assistant professor of philosophy, "Facebook and Dramauthentic Identity," at Internet Research 13.0 at the University of Salford, UK.

RACHAWAN WONGTRIRAT, assistant director for international initiatives, Office of Intercultural Relations, "Creating Global Learning Society Through 'Global Mentorship' Program" at NAFSA: Association for International Educators, Region XIII Conference, in Alexandria, Va. Co-presenters were SHOAIB QUADER, graduate assistant for international initiatives, OIR; SARA NOBLES, undergraduate student and president of the ODU Global Monarch Club; and ELENA AGARAGIMOVA, former graduate student in higher education, currently with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission. Also at the conference, "Building an Inclusive Community." Co-presenters were Thomas Lavenir, James Madison University, and Heather Ward, George Mason University.

STEVE YETIV, University Professor of political science, "Dimensions of U.S. and Global Energy Security," the keynote address at Tidewater Community College's International Education Week.


PETER BERNATH, chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, among five co-authors of an article reporting the first direct evidence that emissions of carbon dioxide caused by human activity are propagating upward to the highest regions of the atmosphere, in the advance online version (Nov. 11) of Nature Geoscience. Co-authors are John Emmert, Michael Stevens and Douglas Drob from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's Space Science Division; and Chris Boone from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

DENNIS DARBY, professor of ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "1,500-year Cycle in the Arctic Oscillation Identified in Holocene Arctic Sea-ice Drift" in the advance online version (Nov. 11) of Nature Geoscience. Co-authors are Joseph Ortiz, a geologist from Kent State University; CHESTER GROSCH, a physical oceanographer and computer scientist from ODU; and Steven Lund, a geophysicist from the University of Southern California.

JOHN HOLSINGER, Eminent Professor Emeritus of biological sciences, "Checklist of Inland Aquatic Amphipoda (Crustacea: Malacostraca) of California" in no. 3544 of Zootaxa. Co-authors are G.O. Graening, D. Christopher Rogers, Cheryl Barr and R. Bottorff. Also, "The Fauna of Seepage Springs and Other Shallow Subterranean Habitats in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont and Coastal Plain" in Northeastern Naturalist 19 (Monograph 9). Co-authors are D.C. Culver and D. J. Feller.

JEFFREY JONES, director of the Institute of Humanities and associate professor, "The 'New' News as No 'News': U.S. Cable News Channels as Branded Political Entertainment Television" in a special issue, "The 'New' News," of Media International Australia, no. 144.

ANDREAS TOLK, professor of engineering management and systems engineering, three publications in the Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference, in Berlin, Germany "Conceptual Modeling Processes" (with co-author CHARLES TURNITSA, ODU graduate and currently an assistant professor at Columbia State University); "Semiotics, Entropy, and Interoperability of Simulation Systems - Mathematical Foundations of M&S Standardization" (with co-authors SAIKOU DIALLO and JOSE PADILLA, research assistant professors, VMASC); and "Defense and Security Applications of Modeling and Simulation - Grand Challenges and Current Efforts" (with six co-authors). Tolk also chaired the Ph.D. colloquium conducted during the conference.

SANDRA WATERS, assistant dean for advising and transfer programs, Academic Enhancement, "Chapter 3: Influences Shaping the Education Landscape for Transfer" in the National Academic Advising Association's Monograph 24 - "Advising Student Transfers: Strategies for Today's Realities and Tomorrow's Challenges" (2012). Co-editor with Lonnie Schaffer, vice president for Academic Affairs at Thomas Nelson Community College; co-authored "Legislative Influences" subsection with Schaffer.

D.E. WITTKOWER, assistant professor of philosophy, "On the Origins of The Cute as a Dominant Aesthetic Category in Digital Culture," in "Putting Knowledge to Work and Letting Information Play," Timothy Luke and Jeremy Hunsinger, Eds. (Sense Publishers/Springer). Also, "Friend is a Verb" in vol. 12.1 of APA Newsletter on Computers and Philosophy.