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Grants & Contracts

Grants & Contracts for October to December 2012

The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for October, November and December 2012. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

KEVIN ADAMS, National Centers for System of Systems Engineering, "Digital Receiver Technology"; URS Consultants, $142,774. Co-PIs are ROLAND LAWRENCE, engineering technology, and KHAN IFTEKHARUDDIN, electrical and computer engineering.

THOMAS ALBERTS, mechanical and aerospace engineering, "Furnish the MMI M3 Sled with Seats, Seatbelts and Railings"; Science Applications International Corp., $32,196.

JOSHUA BEHR, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, "Policy Resistance Within a Region's Healthcare System: A System Dynamics Approach"; U.S. Public Health Service, $189,766. Co-PIs are: HARRY ZHANG, community and environmental health; RAFAEL DIAZ, VMASC; and EMMANUEL RUDATSIKIRA and MARIANA SZKLO-COXE, community and environmental health.

MARK BUTLER, biological sciences, "Restoration of Shallow Sponge Communities in the Florida Keys: Phase II"; Nature Conservancy, $51,360.

CHRIS CARTER, Virginia Space Grant Consortium, "Expanding Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginia's Community Colleges"; National Science Foundation, $299,941.

KONSTANTIN CIGURALOV, psychology, "Enhancing Safety Through Leadership"; Colorado State University, $20,550.

JEREMIAH CREEDON, transportation research, "Next Generation ATC System Concept Development and Performance Measurement"; LMI, $39,971.

GREGORY CUTTER, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Supplement for Analyses of Tributary Samples"; Tetra Tech Inc., $8,700.

SHARON DAVIS and MICHAEL KOSLOSKI, STEM education and professional studies, "Virginia Assistive Technical Support 2013"; Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services, $85,000.

ANDREA DEBRUIN-PARECKI, teaching and learning, "Quality Profiles in Early Childhood: An Example from Virginia's Quality Rating Improvement System"; Administration for Children and Families, $25,000.

DANIEL DICKERSON and STEPHEN BURGIN, STEM education and professional studies, "Virginia Department of Environmental Quality 2013 Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Grant Program Application"; Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, $2,100.

HANI ELSAYED-ALI, electrical and computer engineering, "Microanalysis of Sputter-Coated Thin Films"; Elizabeth City State University, $3,000.

BARRY EZELL, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, "Regional Resilience Assessment"; Virginia Department of Emergency Management, $2,995.

ROBERT GABLE and STEPHEN TONELSON, communication disorders and special education, "T-TAC/ESD"; Virginia Department of Education, $1,120,884 and $648,159.

HOLLY GAFF, biological sciences, "Dengue Fever Modeling and Analysis"; Math Ecology, LLC; $13,475.

DENNIS GREGORY, educational foundations and leadership, and JOANN BAUTTI-ROCHE, Women's Center, "Old Dominion University's Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project"; U.S. Department of Justice, $300,000.

HOLLY HANDLEY, engineering management and systems engineering, "PM DOD Biometrics"; Army Research Office, $19,200.

PATRICK HATCHER, chemistry and biochemistry, "Compositional Modeling of Biogenic Gas Generation"; Total, S.A., $150,000.

MARC HUCKLESS, ODU Police Department, "DMV Selective Enforcement"; Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, $9,300.

ANNA JENG, community and environmental health, "The City of Newport News, Virginia, Southeast CARE Package"; Moton Community House, $20,000.

KURT MALY, computer science, "Resite Infrastructure Research and Analysis"; Resite Online Inc., $13,109.

HAROLD MARSHALL, biological sciences, "Enhanced Surveillance of Risk Factors and Health Effects Related to Harmful Algal Blooms"; Virginia Department of Social Sciences, $26,756.

KENNETH MOPPER, chemistry and biochemistry, "Collaborative Research: A Dual-Dye Approach to Measuring In Situ Light Fields: Development and Preliminary Fields Testing"; National Science Foundation, $83,621.

DALE NASH, Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, "FY13 VCSFA Operations"; Virginia Department of Transportation, $122,082.

GIRISH NEELAKANTA, biological sciences, "Anaplasma Phagocytophilum Induce Ixodes Scapularis Antifreeze Glycoprotein Gene"; U.S. Public Health Service, $42,147.

JERRY ROBERTSON, ODU Business Gateway, "Crater PDC HR Procurement Center"; Crater Planning District Commission, $129,839.

MARY SANDY, Virginia Space Grant Consortium, "Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $1,198,936. Also, "FAA Design Competition for Universities"; Federal Aviation Administration, $54,569 and $10,000.

SOLOMON SHERFEY, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, "Hurricane Evacuation Encouragement Demonstrator"; Virginia Department of Emergency Management, $76,630.

MASHA SOSONKINA, modeling, simulation and visualization engineering, "Collaborative Research: S12-SSI Developments in High Performance Electronic Structure Theory," "Adaptive Algorithms and Scaling Across Platform Sizes" and "Collaborative Research: Taming the Scale Explosion in Nuclear Structure Calculations"; Iowa State University, $83,988, $125,000 and $141,836.

CHARLES SUKENIK, physics, "JSA/JLab MOU 2012-2017"; Jefferson Lab, $478,713.

HAMEEDA SULTANA, biological sciences, "Human Pathogenic Bacterium Induces Actin Phosphorylation to Selectively Regulate"; U.S. Public Health Service, $44,170.

STEPHEN TONELSON and CHERYL BAKER, communication disorders and special education, "Visual Impairment Initial and Add-On Endorsement Program"; George Mason University, $30,407 and $436,990. Also, with ROBERT GABLE, "The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs: Traineeships for Education Personnel"; Virginia Department of Education, $246,948, and "The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Programs: Traineeships for Education of Special Education Personnel (State) 2012-2013 Continuation Proposal"; Virginia Department of Education, $187,358.

TANCY VANDECAR-BURDIN, Social Science Research Center, "2013 Virginia Family Survey with DBHDS"; Virginia Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, $35,733.

LEPOSAVA VUSKOVIC and SVETOZAR POPOVIC, physics, "Response to JLab RFQ J12-R322137"; Jefferson Lab, $200,000.

STEVEN WALK, engineering technology, "Technology Analysis and Forecasting"; Cosmo Software Inc., $45,726.

JOSEPH WARGO, Virginia Troops to Teachers, "Virginia Troops to Teachers, Old Dominion University, FY13"; Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support, $257,963.