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ODU Professor Co-Author of Book on the Politics of Climate Change

Photo of Glen SussmanGlen Sussman

Old Dominion University political science professor Glen Sussman co-authored a recently published book on climate change, political rhetoric and the related public policy deadlock that has resulted for nearly 20 years.

"US Politics & Climate Change: Science Confronts Policy" was released this year by Lynne Rienner Publishers, of London, and is available for sale on Amazon.com and other retailers. Sussman wrote the book along with Byron W. Daynes, a political science professor at Brigham Young University.

Sussman received his Ph.D. in political science from Washington State University. He joined the faculty at Old Dominion University in 1992 where he teaches undergraduate courses in the field of American politics. He also offers Global Environmental Policy for the ODU Graduate Program in International Studies (GPIS). His research focuses on environmental politics and policy, environmental opinion, science and environmental politics, and the environmental presidency.

Previously, Sussman and Daynes co-authored "White House Politics and the Environment: Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush."

Their latest book, "US Politics & Climate Change: Science Confronts Policy" delves into the question of why climate change is "the subject of such vehement political rhetoric in the United States" and "what explains the policy deadlock that has existed for nearly two decades - and that has resulted in the failure of US leadership in the international arena?"

According to a description of the book: Sussman and Daynes "trace the evolution of US climate change policy, assess how key players - the scientific community, Congress, the president, the judiciary, interest groups, the state and the public - have responded to climate change, and explore the prospects for effective policymaking in the future."

For more information on Glen Sussman, read his biography on the Old Dominion University website.