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ODU Entsminger Fellows Lead the Charge for Entrepreneurship

When Old Dominion University launched its entrepreneurial initiative this year, sparked by an $11 million donation by alumnus Mark Strome and his wife Tammy, the idea was for a culture to develop campus-wide to nurture business entrepreneurs. In order for that entrepreneurial ecosystem to flourish, it needed leaders across campus. Thanks to a donation by alumnus Lee Entsminger, six faculty members — representing four different ODU colleges — are ready to lead the charge for entrepreneurship. ( More )

Department of Procurement Services Keeps on Winning

The awards just keep coming for Old Dominion University’s Department of Procurement Services. The National Procurement Institute (NPI) has announced that the ODU department is a winner of the 2014 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award. ( More )

Math Video Is a Showcase for John Adam's Dry Humor

It is a stretch to compare Old Dominion University mathematician John Adam to comedian Peter Sellers, but when you view Adam’s new YouTube video “Common Algebraic Errors,” you just may think of the savant Chance the Gardener, the role Sellers plays in in the 1979 movie “Being There.” ( More )