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Master of Business Administration:Program of Study

All students will complete the 40 credit program with the required and elective courses outlined below. Non-business undergraduates must also successfully complete a sequence of five (5) 1-credit hour courses in their first semester to prepare for the rigor of the MBA core.

MBA Required Courses

Course ID Credits Course Title
MGMT 605 2 Essentials of Leadership
BNAL 606 2 Statistics for Managers
ECON 607 2 Managerial Economics
MKTG 608 2 Fundamentals of Contemporary Marketing
ACCT 609 2 Managerial Accounting
BNAL 610 2 Fundamentals of Business Analytics
ACCT 611 2 Financial Accounting
MGMT 612 2 Organizational Behavior
FIN 613 2

Financial Management

IT 614


Information and Knowledge Management
OPMT 615 2 Operations and Supply Chain Management
FIN 616 2 Investments and Portfolio Management
MKTG 617 2 Marketing Strategy
ECON 618 2 Global Macroeconomics
FIN 619 2 Business Law and Ethics
INBU 620 2 International Business Issues
MGMT 621 4 Business Policy and Strategy
Electives 4

You choose what is best for you from a selection

of 1 - 3 credit hour courses in various disciplines.

* You may choose to complete the program in 21, 36, or 48 months.

* Classes are offered both online or in-person at our main campus in Norfolk, VA.

* Some courses have pre-requisites that must be taken prior to course enrollment (refer to the course descriptions in the University catalog for this information).

* You may choose to complete the MBA with a dual credential by way of graduate certificate or additional degree. Courses from those options may be used as elective credit in the MBA program, reducing your overall time in both.

MBA Pre-core for Non-business Undergrads

Course ID Credits Course Title
MBA 600 1 Introduction to Statistics
MBA 601 1 Introduction to Managerial Economics
MBA 602 1 Introduction to Finance
MBA 603 1 Introduction to Accounting
MBA 604 1 Introduction to Information Management

Items in the pre-core are business fundamentals typically learned by undergraduate business majors and intended to give non-business majors knowledge to have equal footing with their business major classmates.

The pre-core is offered only online and is completed in the first semester prior to taking and MBA core classes.