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MBA Student FAQ

This section of the Old Dominion MBA website was designed to provide you with the information you need to manage your course of study. Please contact the MBA Office if you have questions about any of the information provided below.

General Information

How do I request curriculum guides, applications, and other literature?
Please contact our office in 1026 Constant Hall, Norfolk, Va. 23529. Phone: 757-683-3585, fax: 757-683-5750, e-mail mbainfo@odu.edu. You can also go to the appropriate page within the ODU MBA website or www.odu.edu.

What is the MBAA?
The MBAA is the MBA student association. They have seminars, social events and networking events throughout the year. The dues are $35.00 for life. The MBA Program Office has applications available.

Where is the MBA student lounge?
MBA students may use the lounge inside the MBA Program Office Suite from 8am-7pm Monday though Thursday and 8am-5pm on Friday during the regular academic year (summer hours change) in Room 1029 Constant Hall.


If I am admitted to another graduate program at ODU and then change my mind, can I automatically transfer into the MBA?
No, each Master's degree program at ODU is a separate entity with separate admission criteria.

How do I change the program I am applying for (or have been admitted to)?
Please write to Graduate Admissions, Old Dominion University, MBA Program Office, Norfolk, VA 23529 to request a program change/transfer. Also, you will need to submit any additional required credentials for the program of choice.

I've applied for a specific semester to enroll, but now I need to delay my entry semester. How do I do request this?
Yes, you can defer your entry term up to a year. Please write to the MBA Program Office, 1026 Constant Hall, Norfolk , VA 23529 or email mbainfo@odu.edu. Ask to defer your application to the appropriate semester.

Computer Information

What is the ODU web site address? www.odu.edu

Where are there computer labs for students to use?
There is a lab in 1023 Constant open to business students. Please check the posted schedule for days and times of operation. There are also labs Kaufman Hall, The Library and the Education Building.

Is an e-mail account required?
Yes. An ODU email account is required to be regularly checked by all current students. ODU MBA Students are also required to be on a list serve. Course schedule changes, schedules and various other information are sent out to the list. Also, many instructors require e-mail accounts of their students. The list serve messages can be sent to any email the student wishes.

Grade Information

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?
You may drop a course prior to the drop/add deadline. A dropped course will not appear on your transcript. A withdrawal will show up on your transcript. You can withdraw from a class until approximately half-way through the semester.

Does withdrawal hurt my GPA?
No, a withdrawal does not hurt your GPA. It will show up on your transcript.

I have a problem with a grade. Who do I call get to get it fixed?
Please contact your instructor.

Can you give me my grades over the phone?
For privacy reasons, we cannot give grade information via telephone. You may obtain your grades through LEO Online.

LEO Online

I see information on something called LEO, what is it and can I register using it?
LEO is a phone/web based student information system. A student can pay for tuition, get grade information and register for classes using this system.

Can I pay my bill with LEO?
Yes, you can pay your bill and find out your account balance.

Registration/Course Information

Do I have to see the advisor in person to register?
No, you can be advised by phone, e-mail, fax or mail. You do have to notify your advisor of your intended courses. Your advisor block will not be removed without notification of intended courses.

Do students get registration information mailed to them each semester?
No, a message is sent via email on the MBA list serve every semester after the next semester's schedule is in posted to the website.

How will I know the deadlines for drop/add, and withdrawal are?
These dates are on the ODU web site and in the ODU Schedule of Classes. Also, the MBA Program List Serve will send out messages about upcoming deadlines and events.

Who do I call for a problem with my tuition bill?
Please call the Cashier's office at 683-3302.

Non-Degree Information

What does non-degree seeking mean?
Please see the Non-degree Information Pages for more information.

Do I need to take the GMAT if I want to take courses in a non-degree seeking status?
Yes and no. If you would like to take "Core courses" you will need to submit GMAT scores and transcripts to the MBA office. Without a GMAT score, you can take selected classes from other programs that count as electives in the MBA Program. Please contact us for more information.

Experiential Learning Policy

At Old Dominion University, we recognize that learning takes place in many settings and at many times during our lives. Our returning adult students bring a significant amount of knowledge and skills, and what you have learned in the workplace could very well apply to your MBA degree. Through Experiential Learning you have the opportunity to demonstrate what you know at a graduate level and earn academic credit for that knowledge.

MBA students may seek academic credit using the following options:

  • Training evaluation-workplace and/or military
  • External examinations and certifications
  • Departmental examinations
  • Portfolio development

Please note that a maximum of 6 credits may be earned through any combination of Experiential Learning, Internship, or Independent Study (only 3 credits are allowed in any one) and the maximum number of credits students can earn through a combination of transfer and experiential learning is 12.

For additional information contact:
Experiential Learning
138 Gornto Teletechnet Center
Norfolk, Virginia 23529

Phone: 757-683-6388
Fax: 757-683-6107
Email: xlearn@odu.edu

or visit ODU's Experiential Learning homepage.