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Select Your MBA Program

Comparison At-A-Glance

Online On-campus
Course Hours 40* 40* 40*
When Anytime Evenings & Weekends Both
Where Anywhere Norfolk Campus Some of each
Time to Completion 21/36/48 months** 21/36/48 months** 21/36/48 months**
Electives Limited to online Limited to on-campus Full access to online & On-campus
Certificates 22 31 37
Corporate Projects N/A Yes Yes
Corporate / Industry Events Limited Yes


Athletics Limited Yes Yes

* Non-business undergraduate majors add five Pre-core credit hours.

** Spring start add a semester. Additionally, non-business majors would take pre-core in spring and then start full core the following fall semester. Students may take electives and limited core in summer between.

Student Scenarios

Student on Computer Affordable Online MBA Classes

Online MBA

An Online MBA designed for busy working professionals, travelers, military on the move, and individuals with time constraints that want to take classes on their schedule and anywhere.

  • Part-time students needing maximum schedule flexibility
  • In-State students residing in the Hampton Roads area
  • Out of state students not relocating to the Hampton Roads area
  • International students wanting to study in their home country
  • Students that prefer learning in the online environment


military student on campus

Stationed in San Diego getting ready to tranfer again!

Travelling Professional

mba student online

Road warrior always on the move and thinking about the future.

Busy Family

military student on campus

Running kids all over town and volunteering in the community.

Students Studying

On Campus MBA

An On-campus MBA is designed for individuals who prefer face to face interaction with faculty and fellow students. It is available to part-time and full-time students residing in the Hampton Roads area. Also, full-time international or out of state students and students seeking graduate assistantship may find this to be their best fit.

  • Part- or Full-time students
  • Students that prefer learning in a classroom
  • Students residing in the Hampton Roads area
  • Students willing to relocate to the Hampton Roads area
  • Students seeking financial assistance / graduate assistantship
  • International students wanting to study on campus

Desire in-class experience

mba students on campus

Like to sit shoulder to shoulder with my classmates and see my professors every class meeting. Have several years of work experience and want to build both my knowledge and my network.

Full-time MBA experience

mba student small group meeting

Have a couple of years work experience and would like to take my career to the next level. Want to finish as quickly as possible and like to be with my classmates and professors.

Recent graduate or international student desiring graduate assistantship

international mba students

Recent graduate or international student wanting a full-time experience in the states with financial support. Graduate assistantship can provide a stipend and partial tuition waivers for qualified full-time students.

Students Helping Other

Blended MBA

A Hybrid MBA is designed for professionals that desire the benefits and flexibility of both online and on-campus.

  • Full-time or part-time students
  • Students residing anywhere in the world
  • Full-time students seeking graduate assistantship
  • International students wanting to study on campus and have schedule flexibility
  • Students that learn in any type of environment


military student returning from deployment

I didn't have to stop taking classes while on deployment, but I am looking forward to being back in class!

Professional with seasonal committments

mba student professional

Need the flexibility of coming to class when I want and being able to stay at work or home when I need to.

Need a break from the traffic

military student on campus

Love the excitement of being on campus but I only want to travel to Norfolk once a week.