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MBA Program Information forNon-Degree Students

The non-degree entry form should be submitted online, mailed, or faxed to the address/fax number on the forms if you are taking any of the courses on this page. There is a $50 non-refundable fee for attending ODU as a Non-Degree student.

Unless you have met all of the MBA Program criteria for non-degree status, you will not be permitted to take MBA Courses.

The MBA Program requires an evaluation of GMAT scores and GPA to qualify for non-degree status. Unofficial copies of both the GMAT and transcripts can be used for this purpose.

If you have not met the criteria for enrollment as a non-degree MBA student, you might consider the following courses. If you choose these courses, you do not register in the MBA Program Office or see the MBA Graduate Program Director.


  1. The only prerequisite for the MBA Program is the successful completion of a Calculus course. This can be taken at ODU (MATH 200) or another college or community college (MATH 270 at TCC).
  2. Or, there are courses in other graduate programs that may be used as electives in the MBA Program once you are admitted.

These Include

  • Economics (ECON, prerequisites apply). To contact the Economics Department, please call 683-3567.
    You may not take ECON 604, ECON 607, 612, or 618.
  • Public Administration courses (PADM, prerequisites apply). To contact the Public Administration Program, please call 683-3961.
  • PORT 6XX Please call 683-3964 for more information.
  • TAX (prerequisites apply). To contact the Tax Program, please call 683-3529