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For Students

Crisis Support for Students

On-Campus Support

ODU Women's Center

Victim advocacy and crisis intervention, resource and referrals. 1000 Webb Center, 683-4109

ODU Counseling Services

Referrals and short-term counseling, free to ODU students. 1526 Webb Center, 683-4401

Off-Campus Support

Sexual Assualt

Response Rape Crisis Center

Sexual assault support services of the YWCA. 5212 Colley Avenue, 622-4300 (24-hr hotline), 623-2115 (office)

RAINN National Network

Routes caller to the closest Sexual Assault Center. 1-800-656-HOPE

The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual assault hotline for the Peninsula. 11030 Warwick Blvd - Newport News, VA 23601. 825-2591 (24-hr hotline), (757) 599-9844 (office) Online at www.visitthecenter.org

Navy Family Advocacy Program

Norfolk program for navy families, counseling, support, advocacy, crisis intervention. 433-2555

Security on Campus

ecurity On Campus, Inc. is a unique non-profit grass roots organization dedicated to safe campuses for college and university students. It was co-founded in 1987 by Connie & Howard Clery, following the murder of their daughter at Lehigh University. www.securityoncampus.org

Domestic Violence

YWCA Outreach Office

Women-in-Crisis program, support group, emergency shelter, hotline. 5215 Colley Avenue, 625-5570 (w-i-c line), 625-4248 (office)

HER Shelter

Hotline, counseling, emergency shelter, 485-3384 (hotline), 485-1445 (office) located in Portsmouth

Transitions Family Violence Services

Hampton hotline and shelter, support groups, advocacy. 723-7774 (hotline), 722-2261 (office)

Samaritan House

VA Beach emergency shelter, hotline, counseling and services. 430-2120 (hotline), 430-2642, 631-0710.

VA Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline

State-wide hotline, 1-800-838-8238. Online atwww.vadv.org

The Genieve Shelter

Suffolk emergency shelter, hotline, counseling, advocacy. 1-800-969 HOPE, 925-4365 (office)

Spousal Abuse Friend & Educator Program

Norfolk hotline for questions and help with spousal abuse. 664-7647.

VB Community Development Corp.

Transitional housing program for families who are homeless, soon to be homeless or battered women. 629 Wesley Dr, Suite 101, 463-9516.