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Local Tolls & E-ZPass

Paying Tolls

All-electronic tolling will begin on the Elizabeth River Tunnels (ERT) on February 1, 2014. The ERT Project is designed to create an efficient, connected transportation network for the region comprised of a new two-lane tunnel under the Elizabeth River parallel to the existing Midtown Tunnel; improvements to existing Downtown and Midtown tunnels; and extension of the MLK Freeway in Portsmouth.

Acquiring an E-ZPass will provide the cheapest and easiest option to pay a toll. E-ZPass transponders are now available online at www.driveERT.com or can be picked up at ERT's full-service Customer Service Center at 700 Port Centre Parkway in Portsmouth. This Customer Service Center offers those who would like to pick up their E-ZPass, register and service their transponders, to do so in person. Additional service center locations can be found at E-ZPassVA.

If you do not want to get an E-ZPass but are still going to be traveling through either tunnel, there is another option, you may register with Pay-By-Plate at www.driveERT.com. However, the toll rate for this option is higher than if you get an E-ZPass.

Other Options

If you do not have a vehicle or do not want to drive to campus yourself, ODU offers many Alternative Transportation options. To find out more information on what option are available please visit our Tranportation Choices Page.

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