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Fine Payments

Fine may be paid at the Transportation and Parking office in person, by mail or online.

Payments by Mail

Checks tendered in payment of parking fines should be made payable to Old Dominion University, and include license plate and citation number on the check. Payments should be addressed to the Transportation and Parking Services Department, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 23529-0450.

Student Fines

If a student fails to pay a fine or appeal a citation within seven business days, the Transportation and Parking Services office will initiate appropriate administrative procedures to deny the student enrollment in subsequent semesters and to withhold grades, official transcripts and diplomas, until all fines are paid.

Faculty & Staff Fines

If a faculty or staff member is cited in violation of the above regulations and fails to file an appeal, or pay the fine within seven business days, subsequent registration will be denied until fines are paid.

A penalty surchare of $10 will be added to all citations not paid withini 60 calendar days from date of issue.

Violation Fine
Parking without a valid decal $75
Outside of Parking stall $15
In a reserved space $77
In an unauthorized zone $35
In a prohibited zone $30
On the grass $35
Blocking another vehicle $73
In a loading zone $30
On a sidewalk or in a crosswalk $35
Obstructing traffic $30
In a space for the disabled $250
Illegal disposal, acceptance or use of deacal or pass $73
Improper or failure to dispaly authorized pass or decal $15
Overtime in loading zone, meter or 15-minute space $15
Using eventing decal before 3:45 p.m. $19
Improper validation of use of daily rate pass $15
Parking in fire lane $100
Motorcycle parking in car space/car in motorcycle space $15
Boot removal fee $30

Citation Appeals

First Level Appeals

The University provides a structured means to appeal a citation. Failure to follow the procedures for appeal will result in the assessment of appropriate fines and waiver of the right to appeal. Appeals Process:

  1. A person who receives a University parking citation may appeal the citation.
  2. Appeals must be made within seven business days after issuance of the citation.
  3. Persons with a Midas ID must submit their appeal online. Paper appeals will not be accepted by customers with a Midas ID.
  4. Persons not affiliated with ODU must submit a paper appeal form available at the Transportation and Parking Services.
  5. Persons must submit an appeal by the deadline, up to 7 calendar days after a citation has been issued.
  6. Transportation and Parkings Services will mail the forms if a telephone request is made.
  7. Appeals received after the deadline will result in forfeiture of the right to appeal. Only the director, assistant director, appeals manager or an authorized Transportation and Parking Services staff member will grant exception.
Online Citation Appeals

Second Level Appeals

If you do not agree with your first level appeal, the last step in the appeals process is the re-appeal. The Re-Appeal Process:

  1. Pay fine.
  2. Submit completed reconsideration form (same steps first level appeals)
  3. Submit appeal within 14 days after receiving decision of first level appeal.
  4. Appellant may choose to present their case in person or by letter. However, the board will review the case whether or not appellants choose to attend the hearing.
  5. If the Re-Appeals Committee decides in the appellant's favor, a refund check will be mailed to the appellant.
  6. The Boards' decision is final.
  7. The Board meets once at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters.