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Request Residence Hall Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency requests are generally handled on a first in, first out basis and are addressed as soon as possible. Immediately contact your RA/CA, Assistant Residence Hall Director, or Residence Hall Director in cases of emergency.


  • Total loss of power to entire building, apartment or room
  • Flooding
  • Safety issues
  • Security issues (locks, doors or windows)
  • Damage to University property

Non-Emergency Maintenance

For maintenance or housekeeping services within the Housing areas (residence halls) please use Maintenance Direct (follow this link for directions). It is our online resource for submitting non-emergency work requests and is available 24/7. Maintenance Direct will track work requests you have submitted and will also automatically e-mail acknowledgements of receipt of work requests and notifications of any status changes of requests.


  • Burnt out lights
  • Water is too hot or cold
  • Sink or tub draining slowly
  • Pest Control
  • Toilet will not flush (when another toilet is in the suite)

Phones, TV Cable & Internet

For problems with your phone, TV cable or internet connections contact OCCS or use Footprints.

The Residential Network (ResNet) is managed by the Office of Computing and Communications Services (OCCS). ResNet's goal is to provide high quality data, voice,and video services to students living in the university residence halls, and the university village apartments. This program is supported by professional and student staff who will provide technological services and support for high speed internet access, local phone service, cable television, and personally owned computers.

We believe that information technologies will continue to grow and be an integral part of academic and residential life at Old Dominion University. From this premise, we are developing ways to expand students awareness and skills by:

  • Providing students with a secure network environment to allow for access to all available online resources
  • Offering consultation and support in a residential environment where students are helping other students maintain and protect their computers.
  • Educating students about popular programs that consume bandwidth and to secure their computer while they are connected to the university network.

Game Consoles

To connect your game console to ODU ResNet, you will need to register your console with OCCS in order to bypass the ResNet authentication process. This will grant your console wired network access for the current semester only and will need to be repeated at the start of each semester. You will also need to request activation of your wired port by emailing occshelp@odu.edu in order to use your console on ResNet.

Once your wired port is active, go to http://www.odu.edu/apps/gaming/ to register your game console.

Supported game consoles include: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii (with Wii Lan Adapter).

Wireless Game Console Access
Please note that wireless game consoles, such as the PSP, Nintendo DS, and Wii, are unable to authenticate to the ODU wireless network, and therefore cannot be connected to the Internet on campus. Nintendo Wii users can purchase the Wii LAN Adapter to connect their Wii to the wired network.