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Damage Assessment

Appeal Form

Download the form to get more information on the appeals process and to determine what you are eligible to appeal.

Room, Suite & Apartment Damage Assessment

Room/suite/apartment damages are usually assessed when a student checks out with an H&RL staff member. If damage charges can be assigned to an individual, the damage is only charged to that individual's student account. If damage is found in the common area of a room/suite/apartment all residents sharing the space are charged for the damage. The total amount of common area damages is divided among all occupants of the room/suite/apartment unless an individual completes a Residential Damage and Fee Responsibility Form. After the residential complex is completely vacated, the Residence Hall Director of the residential community along with a Facilities staff member re-inspect the rooms/suites/apartments for additional damages that may have not originally been noted as a result of other roommates still occupying the space at the time you checked out. You will be notified within approximately 10 business days after hall closing if your student account will be charged for damages assessed. If you would like a copy of your Room Condition Report, please email the Office of Housing and Residence Life at housing@odu.edu.

Common Area Damage Assessment

Common area damages are usually assessed soon after the damage has occurred as opposed to the end of the year. When the H&RL staff is aware of community damage, staff work to post the information on Blackboard so students of the residential community are aware a community charge will be billed to their account. This allows the community members to be more aware of damage as it occurs but also work to identify the individual(s) responsible for the damage. Common area damages are divided among all occupants of a floor, building, or complex depending on the location of where the damage occurred and information H&RL has received regarding the damage. Damages are assessed to student's accounts at the end of each semester. If an individual or individuals have been identified as the person(s) who caused the damage and completed a Residential Damage and Fee Responsibility Form, the charges will be removed from the community member's individual accounts and reassigned to the responsible person(s).