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Checkout Procedures

Student Move-In

Prior to Check-Out

  • Remove all personal items
  • Empty out all drawers and leave them open for inspection
  • Remove everything from your door and walls
  • Clean off any double‐sided tape, mounting tape, or any other adhesive residue that is on your doors/walls/windows/furniture
  • Vacuum/mop the floor
  • Clean common areas
  • Dust furniture
  • Close and lock window
  • Close curtains/blinds
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Turn off lights
  • Make sure the hallway outside your space is clean

Damage Assessment

If damage charges can be assigned to an individual, the damage is only charged to that individual's account. If damage is found in the common area of a room/suite/apartment all residents sharing the space are charged for the damage.

Students have two options to check‐out from their room/suite/apartment. Students can choose the Standard Check‐Out option by checking out with a staff when a staff member is available or they can choose the Express Check‐Out option which allows the student to leave at their convenience without pre‐scheduling an appointment.

How to Check-Out

  • Schedule your appointment in advance of your scheduled check-out. (If you are checking out during the course of a semester versus the end of the semester, you may have to make a special appointment with your RA/CA , Assistant Residence Hall Director, or Residence Hall Director because a check‐out schedule will not be available.)
  • Check availability of your Resident/Community Assistant on their room door. If the complex you live in does not have a Resident/Community Assistant, stop by your designated front desk.
  • If your RA/CA is not available to check out, stop by the front desk for assistance in finding another staff member that you can schedule an appointment with. (Please understand staff members are often students, so they may have classes/exams at the time you wish to depart. Additionally, the number of staff is limited so opportunities to check out with a staff member may be limited. This is why it is more advantageous to reserve your check-out time as far in advance as possible.)
  • Remove all belongings from your room, suite, and/or apartment. Make sure that your space(s) are clean.
  • After you have completed the list of items listed above, go back to your room to meet your RA/CA or the H&RL staff member assigned to check you out. You should be in your empty and clean room waiting at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled check out. If you are late for your scheduled appointment, you may have to reschedule your check-out appointment.
  • Make sure to lock your door and sign your Room Condition Report upon leaving your room the final time. You should return your room key to the designated front desk for your residential community.

Room Condition Reports & Damanages

At the end of an occupancy period, rooms are inspected for damages. Room condition reports will itemize the damages and are the basis for damage charges. Individual and community damage charges are billed to students 30to 60 days after they vacate the space.