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Roommate Preferences

Housing & Residence Life wants each of our students to be happy in their housing assignment and encourages students to really think about their roommate preferences. As you work to identify the type of residential experience you wish to have, please keep in mind what is most important to you and be willing to compromise on some of the less important factors.

Roommate Matching

A majority of students indicate that living with their preferred roommate(s) is one of the most important factors of living on-campus. Students have the opportunity to 'pull-in' multiple students into their on-campus selection if space permits. Make sure you pay close attention to the details of the process so you understand what you need to do in order to live with your preferred roommate(s).

For new, incoming, ODU Students:

Inside the ODU Housing Portal you will complete the questions listed below. After you complete the questions you will have the ability to view other students in the ODU Housing Portal to determine who you want to live with. You can seach by UIN (University Identification Number), percent overall match, or by any of the questions you answer in the roommate profile questions (listed below). Once you have found someone you want to live with you can message the person to ask them more questions or send a confirmation for them to accept you as a roommates (simliar to a friend request in Facebook). You will not be placed as roommates until both parties accept the requests to be roommates. We strongly encourage students wishing to room together to apply for on-campus housing as close together to each other as possible to ensure that we can make the match.

For current on-campus students who complete the application process:

You may not pull in a student who is not eligible for participation in room selection (i.e. current ODU students that live off-campus and students that do not meet the required deadlines).

If you are seeking a potential roommate, the Student Housing Portal allows you to search for a roommate based off one or more of your preferences, a UIN, or the highest percent macth for a roommate based off your profile. You can send a roommate request (simliar to a friend request in Facebook) for the person to accept or deny. You will only be allowed to pull-in students who confirm you in the ODU Housing Portal. This means that you MUST complete this step prior to your room selection timeslot in order to live with your preferred roommates.

If you do not confirm any roommates in the system prior to your room selection timeslot you will be able to view the profiles of the other students in the room; however, you will not be able to "pull-in" other students to the remaingin vacant space in the room/suite/apartment.

Roommate Preferences

In the ODU Housing Portal, students are asked to list individual preferences for the type of roommate they would like to be matched with. The questions asked are:

  • Do you smoke?
  • What time do you go to bed?
  • When do you prefer to watch television?
  • How many hours a day do you watch tv?
  • How do you prefer your study environment?
  • How clean is your room?
  • Do you like visitors in your room?

Unfortunately, there is no way that Housing & Residence Life can ensure that each student is matched with the perfect roommate, but this will help get the process started. At times students' behaviors and habits change once they get to college, so it always remains imperative to have open communication with your roommate about what your expectations are.