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Glossary of Terms

In order to better assist you with understanding the 'ins and outs' of the process, we have developed this glossary of terms.

Agreement Period

An Agreement Period is the period of time to which a particular residential complex is open. These vary throughout the different apartment and residence hall communities. By applying and committing to the Housing & Dining Agreement students are agreeing to the Agreement Period associated with whichever bed space he/she is assigned to for the upcoming academic year. Agreement Periods range by residence hall and apartment community; some include break periods (Thanksgiving, winter, and Spring Breaks) and summer, so please be sure to review the different community pages to view the differing agreement periods.

Application Fee

The Application Fee is $50.00 and is non-refundable. This helps cover the administrative costs of the student's application as well as the technology to support our online system.

Cancellation Form

The Cancellation Form is on-line in the Student Housing Portal used by students who wish to cancel his/her Housing and Dining Agreement prior to May 15, 2013 and receive the refund of the $200.00 housing deposit.

Deluxe Room

A Deluxe Room (Single or Double - meaning one or two people per bedroom) if a larger room. Rooms can have larger square footage or walk-in closets depending on the floor layouts.

Displaced Students

Displaced students are students who live in rooms in an apartment or residence hall community where the space is being reconfigured for the next year due to RA assignments; living and learning communities; or building reconfiguration. Students who are displaced will be notified prior to the selection process.

Double Room

A Double Room is a bedroom that is shared between two students. Double rooms occur in traditional rooms, suite and apartments. This is the most common room type on campus.

First-year Freshmen

A first-year, on-campus freshmen student is defined not by credit-hour, but by date enrolled. Students who qualify for the first-year freshmen were admitted as a new freshmen to ODU in Summer 2012, Fall 2012, or Spring 2013. Additionally, transfer students who attended their first semester of college at another institution in Fall 2012, but are now on-campus first-year freshmen at ODU are considered to be first-year freshmen.


Homesteading is the process by which a current ODU student who lives in an upper-class residence hall or apartment community may 'squat' and retain his/her current housing assignment for the upcoming academic year. Homesteading is only permitted to students residing in certain communities and only if the requirements for each community are met (i.e. to homestead in an apartment/room/suite must be filled to 100%).

Housing Deposit

The Housing Deposit for the upcoming academic year is $200.00 and is applied to the Spring 2014 housing charges and is the student's commitment to on-campus housing. This deposit is refundable up to May 15, 2013 by cancellation of the Housing and Dining Agreement.

New Student

A New Student is any new, incoming ODU student who does not currently reside in on-campus housing at Old Dominion University for the current agreement period.

Open Selection

Open Selection is the process in which students will access the online system at a assigned time to view open rooms and select his/her room for the upcoming agreement period.

Petition for Release

The Petition for Release Process is utilized by students who wish to cancel his/her Housing and Dining Agreement after the May 15, 2013 cancellation deadline. Approval and release during this process is not guaranteed and if approved, the student will be released from the agreement, but will forfeit a refund of the $200.00 housing deposit.

Proxy Form

Students who are unable to access the online selection process to select his/her room for the upcoming academic year due to classes or other obligations may fill out a Proxy Form so that Housing & Residence Life staff member may assign him/her during his/her original appointment time on his/her behalf.


Pull-Ins is the process by which a student can assign a confirmed roommmate a bedspace during the return housing selection dates (i.e. Fill Priority process, Open Selection process).

Returning Student

Any student who currently resides on-campus at Old Dominion University for the 2012 - 2013 Agreement Period.

Selection Timeslot

A randomally generated timeslot given to returning students that completed the on-line application, that will determine at which time he/she can access the online system to select his/her room for the upcoming agreement period. Selection Timeslots will be lower (better preference) for upperclassmen than the current, on-campus, first-year freshmen.

Single Room

A Single is a room type that sleeps one person in a bedroom. Single rooms can occur in 2, 3, or 4 bedroom suites/apartments - meaning that there would be 2, 3, or 4 single rooms in an individual apartment/suite. Please note - this is the most preferenced option on-campus and there are limited quantities.

Upperclassmen Students

An Upperclassemen Student is defined not by credit-hour, but by date enrolled. Students who qualify as upperclassmen student were admitted as a new freshmen to ODU prior to Summer 2012. Transfers students who currently live on campus are considered upperclassmen students.