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Glossary of Terms

In order to better assist you with understanding the 'ins and outs' of the process, we have developed this glossary of terms.

Agreement Period

An Agreement Period is the period of time to which a particular residential complex is open. These vary throughout the different apartment and residence hall communities. By applying and committing to the Housing & Dining Agreement students are agreeing to the Agreement Period associated with whichever bed space he/she is assigned to for the academic year. Agreement Periods range by residence hall and apartment community; some include break periods (Thanksgiving, winter, and Spring Breaks) and summer, so please be sure to review the different community pages to view the differing agreement periods.

Application Fee

The Application Fee is $50.00 and is non-refundable. This helps cover the administrative costs of the student's application as well as the technology to support our online system.

Electronic Cancellation Form

The Cancellation Form is used by students who wish to cancel his/her Housing and Dining Agreement prior to May 15, 2014 and receive the refund of the $200.00 housing deposit. This form is located within the ODU Housing Portal within the agreement period for which you applied.

Housing Deposit

The Housing Deposit is $200.00 and is applied to the Spring 2015 housing charges and is the student's commitment to on-campus housing. This deposit is refundable up to May 15, 2014 by cancellation of the Housing and Dining Agreement.

Petition for Release

The Petition for Release Process is utilized by students who wish to cancel his/her Housing and Dining Agreement after the May 15 cancellation deadline. Approval and release during this process is not guaranteed and if approved, the student will be released from the agreement, but will forfeit a refund of the $200.00 housing deposit.


Your MIDAS ID is the prefix to your email account and will be used to access many university servers and websites. Students receive information to activate their MIDAS accounts from Undergraduate Admissions once they are admitted and confirmed to the University. Your MIDAS ID and password are required to access the housing application.

New First-Year Student

A New First-Year Student is any new, incoming student who does not currently attend Old Dominion University during the 2013-2014 academic year and will be considered a new freshmen at the institution.

New Transfer Student

A New Transfer Student is any new, incoming student who does not currently live in on-campus housing at Old Dominion University and is transferring in from another institution for Fall 2014.

Room Change

Beginning the third Monday of each semester students may submit a room change request through their Residence Hall Director to have their room changed to another vacant space. Please note: this is only as space is available, changes are not guaranteed.

Room Re-Assignment

After initial applications are completed, there will be a period of time when students can submit a Room Re-Assignment Request to be reassigned. Completed forms should be emailed to housing@odu.edu. If we can accommodate this change prior to August 1 we will gladly do so.

Tripled Housing

For the start of the fall semester, some students will be temporarily placed in tripled rooms until such time that a permanent assignment can be made. The Tripled Student and affected students will be notified of their status in a separate notification. If you are assigned to the "c" bed space in Rogers, Whitehurst, or Scotland House or in the "e" or "f" space in the Virginia House you are the Tripled Student and are only temporarily assigned to this space.