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Cancelling Your Housing & Dining Agreement

Once you have applied for housing, you have a legally binding agreement with our office for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. We understand that plans and intentions may change for you through this time period, so please review the following to understand our process.

Cancelling Prior to May 15, 2014

If it is prior to May 15, 2014 and you no longer require on-campus housing at Old Dominion University, you may cancel your Housing and Dining Agreement by loging into the ODU Housing Portal, select the applciation term you wish to cancel and complete the electronic Cancellation Form. You will receive a refund of the $200.00 housing deposit if you cancel by this date, but the $50.00 application fee remains non-refundable.

Cancelling After May 15, 2014

If it is after May 15, 2014, your Housing and Dining Agreement is now in full effect. Depending upon your circumstances and why you wish to now cancel depends upon how you proceed. Per the Terms and Conditions of the 2014-2015 Housing and Dining Agreement:

8. Agreement Cancellations

  1. The Housing & Dining Agreement is for the full academic year and may be cancelled if the Resident provides written cancellation on or before May 15. If cancelled prior to May 15, the student will receive a full refund of the $200.00 housing deposit and will be released from his/her agreement. Starting May 16, the agreement is final and can only be broken through the Cancellation/Petition for Release processes which have specific eligibility requirements and are not guaranteed.

  2. A student applying for housing for the spring semester only must cancel in writing on or before December 1 to be eligible to receive a refund of the $200.00 pre-paid housing fee. Starting December 2, the agreement is final and can only be broken through theCancellation/Petition for Release processes which have specific eligibility requirements and are not guaranteed.

  3. If the Resident fails to occupy the assigned room by 6:00 p.m. on the first day of classes, the assignment may be cancelled unless the individual makes a written request to the Housing & Residence Life to hold the room until a later date. However, non-occupancy of the assigned space does not terminate the Housing & Dining Agreement.

  4. If a student enters into a Housing & Dining Agreement, but does not cancel and is enrolled in classes as an Old Dominion University student, he/she will be held financially responsible for the entire agreement, minus the pre-paid housing fee.

  5. Any student who cancels after the deadline (or is approved for a Petition for Release), regardless of the reason, forfeits the $200.00 housing deposit; there are no exceptions.

9. Cancellation/Petition for Release Policies

  1. Residents are eligible to cancel his/her Housing and Dining Agreement through theCancellation Form at any time if they meet certain requirements. The following situations will automatically release a student from his/her obligations:

    • Withdrawal/Transfer from Old Dominion University and the student is no longer registered for any credit hours
    • Academic Suspension/Dismissal
    • Marriage during the agreement period.
    • Affiliation with Old Dominion University programs that are away from campus (i.e. internships, student teaching, study abroad, etc.).
    • Military activation
    • December graduation (May graduates will not be released from his/her summer obligations if applicable)
  2. Residents can request release from the agreement through the Petition for Release process, but such releases are subject to the approval of the Executive Director for Housing & Residence Life or his/her designee. Such releases will be considered for the following reasons:

    1. Extreme, unanticipated financial hardship
    2. Serious medical or health problems which are directly related to and/or cannot be accommodated successfully in any of the residential complexes.
  3. Substantiated documentation for all these releases should be submitted with any requests for consideration for an agreement release to the Housing & Residence Life office.

  4. Full explanations of the Cancellation Form and Petition for Release process are available from any Housing & Residence Life staff member prior to the start of the agreement period. Once the agreement period has begun, Residents must meet with his/her Residence Hall Director to receive the required paperwork.