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Mobile App Has Launched!

ODU Transportation and Parking Services has partnered with Ride Cell to automate the Safe Ride dispatch system this year. The new Ride Cell app allows you to request and track your Safe Ride trips directly on your smartphone.

Online Requests

SafeRide is introducing ODU to RideCell technology. This new automated system will make it much easier to request a ride during service hours.

Request a Ride Online Here

Instructions for telephone requests:

Call 683-3477

The first time you call from a phone, RideCell will ask you for some basic information or you can select zero (0) to speak to a dispatcher who will enter your trip request. After you make your first request, RideCell will recognize you when you call again from the same number.

  1. Once your request is processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your request.
  2. When the driver arrives at your pickup location, you will receive a second automated call stating the driver is outside waiting. You will have 2 minutes to meet your driver before they depart for other pickups.
  3. If you miss your ride, you will receive another call back informing you the driver has left, but you may speak to the dispatcher to request another pickup by pressing zero (0).

Reserve by PHONE or using the ODU APP

(or online at www.odu.edu/life/health-safety/saferide)

Hours: Sunset to 2:30AM


SAFE RIDE's mission is to provide safe transportation for students, faculty and staff who would otherwise have to walk alone at night. SafeRide helps the ODU community get home safely.

Operation Summary

Safe Ride is adjusting operating hours to provide earlier service to the University community. Starting Thursday August 21st, Safe Ride will operate from Sunset to 2:30 AM. Safe Ride will follow this schedule until the last day of service before Spring Break. During Spring Break, there will not be Safe Ride service, however operations will resume on the Sunday before classes begin again.

During operating hours Safe Ride trip requests can be made:

via the ODU Mobile App

online at www.odu.edu/life/health-safety/saferide

via phone at (757) 683-3477

During the business day, contact Transportation and Parking Services at (757) 683-4004 for more information.To request a ride, customers call 683-3477.

  • There are no operations when the university is closed, during holidays, or during spring break.
  • When SAFE RIDE is not in operation, customers may call the police non-emergency phone number (683-4000) for ODU Escort Services, or police escort.
  • Two full-size passenger vans are regularly used to transport customers, additional vehicles will be added based upon demand
  • SafeRide operating area coincides with the ODU Police concurrent jurisdictional boundaries: 38th Street to Magnolia Avenue and Colley Avenue to the Elizabeth River

SafeRide Policies

  • SAFE RIDE does not transport to locations such as a restaurant, shopping center, bar, airport, train station, or bus terminal. SAFE RIDE is designed to transport individuals safely home.
  • Riders may be refused or asked to leave the vehicle for belligerent, aggressive, or other unsafe behaviors or activities.
  • No smoking, drinking, or eating while traveling on SAFE RIDE.
  • SAFE RIDE does not provide transportation to individuals needing medical attention, including the severely intoxicated. EMS services should be contacted instead.