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Health & Wellness Leadership

To request a program for your student organization or residence hall

Chantal Matthews

Want to get involved with Health Promotion and Student Health Services, but not sure how?​​ There are many options!


Help with Health Promotion programs, email c2matthe@odu.edu

C.H.A.N.G.E. Peer Health Educators

Campus Health Advocates Navigating Great Education
​​C.H.A.N.G.E. Peer Health Educators are ODU students who educate other students about alcohol use, sexual health & physical activity/nutrition. Peer health education programs are fun, interactive, and brief educational presentations. If you are interested in becoming a Peer Health Educator email Kiara Thompson at ksthomps@odu.edu


​GAMMA is a brand new peer health education program specifically for members of the ODU fraternity& sorority community. The ODU GAMMA group is advised by the Health Promotion Office staff. If you are a member of an ODU fraternity or sorority and interested in educating your peers on topics related to alcohol and drug abuse prevention, sexual health, stress management and other wellness topics, contact Cliff Winter at cwinter@odu.edu . The approach used is harm-reduction and not abstinence.

Student Wellness Ambassador Team

Student Wellness Ambassador Team (SWAT) members are ODU students who help to create a culture of wellness at ODU and act as a liaison between the SHS Health Promotion Office and campus community. SWAT members are crucial to providing feedback, thoughts and ideas to enhance the current and future wellness programs at ODU. To become a SWAT member, email c2matthe@odu.edu

SHAC (Student Health Advisory Committee)

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a University recognized student organization. SHAC members assist in promoting the general health and well being of ODU students, including facilitating, publicizing and improving Student Health Services. SHAC works together with the staff at the Health Center to maintain the highest quality of care. They provide recommendations regarding services and student health needs. SHAC members also distribute educational information about various student health issues around the campus community, plan interactive campus programs, and volunteer at health education events. Members generally meet twice a month.

To join: email SHAC President, Lauren Slay at lslay001@odu.edu