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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

As a new student, you probably have a lot of questions about the Week of Welcome and getting started on your Monarch path. This is a list of frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of the WOW.

What is the Week of Welcome (WOW)?

This week is designed to welcome all students back to campus and to get the year started with some fun.

When is the Week of Welcome?

WOW begins with Freshman Move-In on Friday, August 22, 2014, and is a week-long welcome back full of events that will end on Saturday, August 30, 2014.

Where is the Week of Welcome?

WOW is a campus-wide event. There will be various programs, information sessions, and other events throughout campus. To find where a specific event is taking place, look for the WOW posters or ask one of the WOW counselors. There will also be a schedule of events for you once you arrive.

Who can participate?

WOW is for all ODU students; however, certain events, like Freshman Convocation, are geared toward new students (see the complete schedule for details).

Does it cost anything?

For the most part, all WOW events are free to ODU students.

How will I know what's going on?

When you arrive on campus, there will be plenty of publicity listing and explaining all the things happening with WOW. And you can always come back to this website as it will continue to be updated with the latest information. In addition, we have an app for smart phones!

Can non-students attend?

Non-ODU students are welcome at most of the events, but will not be eligible for prizes and give-aways.

Where is the bookstore located?

The University Bookstore is much more than just a place to get textbooks. It is the place to be when it comes to getting ODU gear, magazines, and diploma frames, books for entertainment and to keep you informed! There is also a convenient store in Webb Center called the Monarch Market with essentials like ODU gear and snacks.

University Village Bookstore
Phone: 757.683.0048
Fax: 757.423.2718
Email: odu@bkstr.com
Address: Old Dominion University Bookstore, 4417 Monarch Way

Monarch Market
Address: 1112 Webb Center

All textbooks are located at the University Village bookstore. You can go and pick them out in person or have them packed for shipping or picked up at your leisure by ordering online atwww.odu.edu/af/bookstore.

Where are classes listed?

Classes can be found in the following ways:

  • Looking in a university catalog. A full PDF-version of the university catalog can be found online.
  • The most convenient way to find all classes offered is to log into your LEO Online account (www.leoonline.odu.edu), navigating to the Registration page and clicking on "Look-up Classes to Add." (You may also use LEO Online to get information about the classes you've already registered for.)

Where can I activate my MIDAS ID and other resources?

The best place to learn about some of our e-resources is to navigate through the Office of Computing and Communications Services (OCCS) page. You can find out information regarding wireless Internet access, email and much more. Go to http://occs.odu.edu and click on "New Students" located underneath "New to the University."

OCCS Technical Support Center
Phone: 757.683.3192
Email: occs@odu.edu
Address: 1504 Webb University Center

Where are the computer labs located?

We have several labs throughout campus. You can see updated lab hours and computer availability at http://www.occs.odu.edu/labs.

  • Batten Arts and Letters
    Room 1013
  • Perry Library
    Room 164
  • Webb Center
    Room 2200

Where can I get my student ID?

You can get your ID at the Card Center. This ID will hold your meal plan, access to your resident hall, monarch plus, flex points and so much more. All these resources can be found online atwww.odu.edu/af/cardcenter

Card Center
Phone: 757.683.3508
Fax: 757.683.5646
Email: cardcenter@odu.edu
Address: 1110 Webb Center

Where can I park?

Parking decals can be purchased at the Parking Services office. Parking Services also offers semester passes for the Hampton Roads Transit system free of charge. Also, all around campus are Zip cars students can rent and use to get around instead of bringing their car. All these resources are at your fingertips at www.odu.edu/af/parking. Be sure to read through the information carefully before purchasing your decal.

Office of Parking and Transportation Office
Phone: 757.683.4004
Fax: 757.683.3194
Email: parking@odu.edu
Address: 4310 Elkhorn Avenue

Are there ATMs located on campus?

We have several ATMs on and around campus.

  • By the Student Government Association Office at 1050 Webb Center (Bank of America).
  • Near Starbucks inside Webb Center (ODU Credit Union).
  • 7-11, between 47th and 48th on the Eastside of campus.
  • In front of Subway, on the corner of Hampton Blvd and 49th.
  • Miller Mart, on the corner of Hampton Blvd and 49th.
  • University Store, on Powhatan Ave and 48th.
  • More within walking distance!

Can't find it here?

Call or come by the Webb Information Desk (WiD). The WiD has information on a variety of topics pertaining to ODU and the surrounding Hampton Roads area. They will make every effort to answer all of your questions professionally and courteously.

Webb Information Desk
Phone: 757-683-5914
Address: 1104 Webb Center