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S.A.F.E. ProgramGet Support Now

Get Support Now

Get To a Safe Place- If you or a friend is in danger, call 911 immediately

If a sexual assault has occurred with in 72 hours, seek medical care. Student Health Service can treat internal injuries , sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy (not evidence collection) . 757-683-3132

After hours, call the ODU Police: 757-683-4000, or the YWCA Sexual & Domestic Violence Hotline: 757-226-YWCA (9922)

If there is no danger or medical emergency, come to the Women’s Center for crisis support, referrals, and assistance with reporting.

The Women's Center is open from 8am-5pm, Monday -Friday 757-683-4109

After hours, call the YWCA Sexual & Domestic Violence Hotline: 757-226-YWCA (9922)

To file a report of the abuse or assault online:

Violation of Code of Conduct with the University

ODU Police Department Silent Witness Program

Anonymous Interpersonal Violence Report

Responding to a Victim

Help for You

You need to feel safe after an incident of Interpersonal Violence: safe in your residence, safe walking on campus, safe at work. Here are some resources and options to consider:

I don't feel safe in my room on campus. What can I do?

Contact an ODU Women's Center Advocate:757-683-4109 , walk in M-F 8am-5 pm, or send an email.

I don't feel safe in my apartment off campus. What can I do?

Contact the YWCA Sexual & Domestic Violence Hotline: 757-226-YWCA (9922).

I need distance from the person who hurt me. What are my options?

For a Campus No Contact Order, you can report a violation of the Student code of Conduct here: Incident Report form

I need a Protective Order issued by a judge. The Women's Center can connect you to the ODU Police Department for help navigating the judicial process. ODU Women's Center Advocate:757-683-4109, walk in M-F 8-5 pm, or send us an email: womensctr@odu.edu

I work with the person who hurt me and I don't feel safe. How can I keep my job?

Contact an ODU Women's Center Advocate:757-683-4109, walk in M-F 8-5 pm, or send an email: womensctr@odu.edu

I have missed classes. What can I do?

Contact the Women's Center or the Student Omsbudsperson Services for assistance to stay on track with your studies. 757-683-3442 SOS

Help for a Friend

Remain calm: you may feel shock or anger, or want to retaliate, but expressing this will not be helpful.

Believe them: survivors often tell no one because they are afraid no one will believe them or they will be blamed. False reports of assault are extremely rare.

Don't blame them: survivors often blame themselves and anticipate being blamed by others. No matter what they did or did not do, it is not their fault. They cannot be responsible for someone else's behavior. Survivors need to know they are not to blame.

Listen: allow them to talk but do not push for details. Listen in a nonjudgmental way.

Be patient: recovery takes time. You may think they should be "over it" by now, but for many people the effects of an assault will last over their lifetime. You can help find them support to positively cope and heal from the assault.

Allow the survivor to make decisions about what to do. Supporting their choices helps to re-establish their sense of control.

Encourage follow-up: encourage your friend to get medical attention and other needed services. Make them aware of resources, offer help in accessing services. Actively encourage your friend to seek help and offer to accompany them.