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The Diversity Institute modules for Fall 2014 are listed below:

DI Retreat

After this high energy, interactive team building kick off to the Diversity Institute, you will be ready to meet the challenge before you. You will have an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your fellow participants as diverse, cultural beings. Come prepared for self-reflection, open dialogue and meaningful, cultural interactions.

Understanding Cultural Identity

This module is designed to provide students with a deeper cultural understanding as to why people from various cultures and subcultures think and act as they do. In doing so, we will discuss the key concepts of what culture is, how we learn about cultures, and how cultures differ. Participation in this module will equip students with insight to help them maintain their balance and poise should a culture clash occur as well as on how to deal effectively with others who come from different cultures.

Intercultural Communication

This is a two session module that uses the diversity within the group of students to introduce the concepts of multicultural communication and conflict resolution and to practice skills development and focuses on understanding the impact of diversity on effective communication, interpersonal and work relationship building and cross-cultural problem solving. Students are introduced to specific tools and skills in multicultural conflict analysis and conflict resolution that facilitate maintaining healthy cross-cultural and multicultural interactions.

Power & Privilege in Society

Generational Diversity

This module will engage students in the exploration of the traits, expectations, experiences, values and needs of each of the generations that coexist in our contemporary workplaces. Students will explore the role of generational values in effective communication across generational lines. Interactive exercises will challenge students to formulate "value propositions" for each of the generations, giving insight into effective strategies for leveraging generational diversity for greater effectiveness and productivity.

Interfaith Understanding

DI Reunion and Mixer

The DI Mixer is designed to give previous cohorts an opportunity to network, interact and engage with members of other cohorts.

Class and Social Mobility in the U.S.

Sexual Orientation, Identity and Expression

Gender in Communication and Leadership

Ability Differences

Personality Diversity

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument is considered the most widely used personality assessment of its kind. Certified practitioner, Dionicia Mahler-Rogers, will help you understand your type, become more self-aware of your preferences, and explore areas of growth. The workshop will help you understand others as well as yourself and find better ways of working with people base on understanding of type.