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Payroll Deduction and Withdrawal

Faculty/Staff Dining Meal Plans allow you to:

  • Save Money
  • Budget your Money
  • Save time by eating on campus
  • Interact with other Faculty/Staff members and students
  • Use payroll deduction

Plan Options

Bronze Plan 25 meals per year $179.00
Silver Plan 50 meals per year $343.00
gold Plan 75 meals per year $491.00

With the Faculty/Staff Meal Plan, eating on campus has never been easier. Just walk into one of our residential dining restaurants; Rogers, Legends, Cafe 1201, or the Faculty/Staff Dining Room located in Webb Center, swipe your ID card, and the meal is automatically deducted from your balance, no cash required. It’s that easy. Faculty/Staff meal plans are not just convenient; they are also a cost savings.  That’s right, you can save up to 23% off the current door price by purchasing a Faculty/Staff Meal Plan.  Simple, easy, convenient, and a cost savings! What more could you ask for? So stop by the card center in Webb Center to sign up today.

With Faculty/Staff meal plans your meals are there to use as you wish.  You have the option to treat a friend or whenever you feel like it or eat in any of our on-campus dining facilities.

By purchasing a plan you get a set number of meals to eat for the year.  The meal plans start the day you buy them and don't expire until August 3, 2012. Unused meals do not carry over to the following year.

To purchase more meals or sign up for a Faculty/Staff meal plan visit the Card Center in Webb Center to fill out the form.  It's that simple!